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We might be on hiatus right now, but news keeps pouring in for the DC TV shows, as they all add interesting new characters for the next seasons. A few weeks ago, several coming were announced for Supergirl, and two of them really stood out to us — Hourman's good pal Snapper Carr, and Detective Maggie Sawyer, best known as Batwoman's girlfriend.

In the comics, Maggie hails from Star City and has worked in both Metropolis and Gotham, having frequently worked with both Batman and Superman over the years. She's a fantastic character and an excellent addition to Supergirl Season 2, from a plot perspective.

Maggie Sawyer and Batwoman in The New 52.
Maggie Sawyer and Batwoman in The New 52.

The little we know of Maggie's role in the show has already dropped at least one interesting plot hint. But beyond that we have to wonder if Maggie's debut in Supergirl will herald the introduction of Batwoman, or even Batman himself.

Introducing Metahumans

But before we get to those much-loved Bat-themed heroes, let's unpack the information we already have about Maggie in Supergirl. This report comes to us by way of TVLine, which included some details about what kind of criminals Maggie specializes in putting away:

Maggie, an out and proud detective for the newly formed Science Police, which deals specifically with metahuman and alien threats.
Maggie unknowingly arrests her future fiancé.
Maggie unknowingly arrests her future fiancé.

It's the term "metahuman" that really stands out. Until this point, Supergirl has mainly dealt with alien threats. And although characters like Silver Banshee and Livewire would certainly fall under the definition of being metahumans, this term has never been used to describe them in this show. Of course, there is another show that uses this term liberally, as it was the one to introduce the idea of metahumans to the DCTV Universe. We are speaking, of course, of The Flash.

The fact that National City feels the need to form an entire division within the police force to deal with metahumans is really interesting in and of itself. This implies that Season 2 of Supergirl will see the Maid of Might go up against more metahuman threats than alien ones, which would be a nice change of pace for the show.

Kata battles the alien android Indigo.
Kata battles the alien android Indigo.

As for Maggie, we have to wonder why she's part of the science division specifically. Does she have a background in biomedical science? And will her team be looking into how metahumans get their powers, as well as how to stop them? This is wild speculation, but personally I'm hoping to see a team up between this metahuman task force and the one led by Detective West in The Flash. But that's another article for another time.

The Dark Knight Falls

But back to the Bats. Maggie Sawyer played a huge role in Batwoman's critically acclaimed New 52 comic series. As Kate Kane's girlfriend, Maggie slowly discovered that Kate was in fact Batwoman, as they separately investigated the kidnappings of dozens of children. It's an awesome comic — beautifully illustrated, fantastically written — and it's well worth a read, even if the marriage between Maggie and Kate was banned by the DC higher-ups.

Kate proposes to Maggie — again!
Kate proposes to Maggie — again!

It's difficult to imagine Maggie without factoring in Batwoman, and plenty of fans would love to see Kate Kane make her entrance to the DCTV Universe, along with her cousin Bruce Wayne. Obviously, we have no concrete information that Maggie's appearance will herald Batman and Batwoman's arrival on Supergirl, and as it stands, that might seem unlikely. After all, Gotham is already busy dealing with Batman's backstory over on Fox.

But there has already been a pretty huge clue that somewhere, somewhen, Batman does exist in this version of the DC Multiverse. And we have Legends of Tomorrow to thanks for that — back in the pilot episode of this show, Rip Hunter alluded to meeting both Batman and Superman on his travels.

Of course, Superman already exists in the DCTV Universe, and Supergirl Season 2 will introduce the Man of Steel as more than just a cape and boots. So does this mean that Rip Hunter has travelled to Kara's Earth, and is this the Superman he was referring to in this speech? Put that together with the inclusion of Maggie Sawyer in Season 2, and we just might have an explanation for the Dark Knight Rip has already encountered.

Exploring how Superman died, and how the Dark Knight fell, could be a major factor in Supergirl Season 2, and Maggie might be a big part of this. Or the hint in Legends of Tomorrow is just a neat little Easter Egg. Well, at least we only have a few more months until we find out!

Would you like to see Batwoman in Supergirl Season 2?

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