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Last August we saw the girls find ‘A’ once and for all after six and a half seasons of misleading evidence, suspicious characters and a hell of a lot of fan theories. After leading us to believe almost all characters could be guilty of being ‘A’ we find out the truth. With some betrayals, explosions and the revelation we’ve all been waiting for, the season, in my opinion, should have come to an end with the girls moving on with their lives.

Although, being the type of series that keeps its huge fan-base talking, we weren’t likely to see a happy ending. Key the ‘five years later’ time jump that of course gives us a reason to carry on watching even after we know who ‘A’ is. And we can’t forget that Spencer now has a fringe, because it has to look like it’s been five years – a little cliché if you ask me.

Season Six Ending

So after the death of the original ‘A’, Charlotte, it’s now turned into a ‘who done it’ type of situation, with the finale ending with a revelation that Alison’s new husband is involved. The finale of the season, the scene with Alison seeing ghosts, was the most thrilling of the entire show in my opinion.

But what did we really find out, what’s happened to each girl over the last five years and who could have possibly been involved in the murder. As always, everybody is lying and everybody is therefore a suspect. Keeping us guessing as always. We couldn’t have a season finale without another cliff-hanger, so Hanna slips through the fingers of Caleb whilst being used as bait – which was never going to end well.

Season Seven, Episode 1

Season seven has now returned and is off to an interesting start with Hanna being abducted and held hostage . But will the team solve the murder and get to her in time? After naming Alison guilty after a drug induced word vomit that, personally, I didn’t think was an admission of guilt what so ever, does this mean the end for Alison? As events unfold, let’s hope the team can come to the rescue and it won’t all be in vain.

As the final season of Pretty Little Liars to be produced, we’re expecting a bigger and better ending than ever before – but without the cliff-hangers. My confidence is lacking when I think about the ending we might actually get. But until that comes I will remain optimistic and see how the series pans out.

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