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With Jason Statham taking on giant shark MEG in 2018 and Blake Lively's shark attack movie The Shallows being heralded as her own personal Revenant, it seems that the shark horror is as popular as ever... but what about those other man-eating denizens of the deep? Check out eight movies that chose a more obscure sea creature after the jump.

Oh, and if you want to know who would win a fight between a shark and a crocodile, see here.

1. The Sea Bat

Water Creature: Giant Manta Ray

Released: 1930; abnormally large manta ray

2. Beneath

Water Creature: Enormous Catfish

Released: 2013

3. Deep Rising

Water Creature: Massive creature with tentacles

Released: 1998

4. Piranha 3D

Water Creature: Ancient piranha species

Released: 2010

5. Deep Shock

Water Creature: Giant electric eels

Released: 2003

6. Sphere

Water Creature: Jellyfish & Squid (yeah true, there are other factors at play in this movie, but that jellyfish scene was really creepy!)

Released: 1998

7. Barracuda

Water Creature: GM Barracudas

Released: 1978

8. Blood Lake

Water Creature: Aggressive Lampreys

Released: 2014

If you're, like, too hipster for a standard eel, try the lesser known but more nightmarishly hideous lamprey for size! One of the most unpopular horror movies on Netflix!

Is the shark the greatest horror movie water creature?

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