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In the galaxy of Star Wars, fanboys have always dreamed to have Chewbacca as their roommate, or a droid to help them around the house, or simply just pitch some rocks at the fan-favorite, Jar Jar Binks. Though dreams they may stay, there's still that "New Hope" of cloning a beloved character from the epic space opera. 

Well, the "Jedi Knights" over at Banana-Dragon Productions seemed to have stumbled upon some of the most respected players in the Saga and in a destination not so far, far away! Droids may not be cuddly ewoks or furry wookies, but we continue to love them endlessly! Can you guess who?

That's right! That rolling ball of joy, BB-8 (recently introduced in the newest Star Wars chapter, The Force Awakens), and the most memorable and classic sidekick to C-3PO, R2-D2! The above clip portrays a very jealous R2-D2 giving the proud new owners of the shy and timid BB-8 the cold shoulder. We know as time goes by, they will learn to love each other.

The clip was recently featured on the ABC Network's Right This Minute. Check out the episode here: RIGHT THIS MINUTE: What to Expect: Introducing a Baby Droid to Your Older Droid

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Which Star Wars Character would you own as a pet?


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