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I love me some sweet sweet horror shorts. If I could eat some for breakfast, I would grab a bowl, pour me some horror shorts and some milk, and eat the crap out of the whole box! So, Lets pretend this post is a bowl and I'm here to pour you some horror shorts.

1: ' Bed Time Is At 10'

Clocking in at 5 minutes 13 seconds this slow burner had me looking behind my shoulder. The plot is simple, A little girl watches her cartoons before going to bed but, she's not the only one in the room. This video had me at the music that plays at the end. It sounds legitimately like the song played during the murder movies in 'Sinister'. You never really get to see up close what the thing haunting her and the babysitter are, but you don't need to. So, I now implore you all to give it a watch. No seriously, I put it in here for a reason.

Chill factor: 4/5

2. 'Mannequin'

I'll be honest with you guys on this one. The first thing that came to mind when watching this was season 9 of 'Doctor Who', You know, the episode with the mannequins. This did not take away from the scare factor though. Super simple plot again. A girl finds a Mannequin when taking out the trash at her apartment. This sets off a series of odd events. Really, that is it guys and gals. That does not mean that you should not watch this. Click above and enjoy!

Chill factor: 3/5


Alrighty guys and gals, this one made me jump twice. I didn't know how this one was going to go to be honest. The voice from his friend from the computer almost set me off. I Was super close to turning it off but hey, stick with it was what I have been taught. In the end, this one was one of the top ones I watched this evening. Please make sure to give this one a spin. I ended up liking it way more at the end.

Chill factor: 4/5


I am in love with this damn short. The acting is good, the creature was great, and the story line was simple yet amazing. It was long enough to get its point across yet short enough to be like "Hey, you wanted to sleep tonight huh? Well, sorry" Another simple plot, a girl finds a dead bird on her balcony. The rest is for you to watch guys and gals. Watch it, love it, cherish 'THE WHISTLER' for all that it is and is not.

Chill factor: 5/5


Straight freaking nightmare fuel. If you hate clowns, you might want to pass on 'WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS' This was my favorite horror short by far. Everything in this is well done. It is almost nightmare perfection wrapped in 4 minutes and 17 seconds. Brought back faint memories of 'IT' and it was perfect. Plus, It's chill level was over 9000. If you watch at least one of these, please make it this one.

Chill factor: 9000/5

Well everyone, that is it for this list. But do not sorrow my friends, as part 2 will be coming your way soon!


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