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If you're a fan of indie movies, chances are you've already heard about Swiss Army Man. The Daniels— Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert, that is— wrote and directed the divisive film that prompted plenty of Sundance Film Festival walk-outs, but was later lauded by critics for its strange and poignant story.

The totally and completely bizarre story centers around Hank (Paul Dano), a depressed young man stuck on a desert island happens upon the body of a corpse, Manny (Daniel Radcliffe). He soon finds that Manny is far more than a hollow shell, as his lifeless body — and his numerous supernatural powers — teach Hank how to embrace life.

Since my description alone does not do the brilliant absurdity of Swiss Army Man justice, be sure to check out the trailer below:

This isn't the first time the Harry Potter star has possessed magical powers, but Swiss Army Man takes his abilities to a new heights. Check out a few of Manny's many bodily capabilities:

1. Fart propulsion

Here we have the first of many fart-based scenes that led to the Sundance walk-outs. The scene opens up into the credits beautifully with Paul Dano riding Daniel Radcliffe's bare ass off into the sunset.

If you thought riding a Hippogriff looked exhilarating, it's nothing compared to jet skiing on Daniel Radcliffe's cold dead corpse.

2. Penis compass

Another of Manny's strange powers is a boner that points him in the right direction of "home." What starts out as an uncomfortable moment between friends, quickly becomes commonplace in Hank's quest toward civilization. Manny becomes happily erect, Hank gets some direction. Two birds, one stone.

3. Fire-starting fingers

When you're lost in the woods, fire is essential to survival. Considering Hank didn't pack any flint before getting marooned on an island, Manny's ability to start a fire with his fingertips really comes in handy.

4. Endless water vomit

Another necessity for wilderness survival is a fresh water supply. Instead of searching tirelessly for a source of clean, drinkable water, Hank realizes that Manny — who appears to have drowned — has more than enough to keep him satiated.

5. Grappling hook esophagus

Move over, Batman, because Hank has stumbled upon the utility belt of the century in Manny. As makeshift grappling hook, Manny is able to help Hank travel much farther than going on foot.

After watching Swiss Army Man, I can say that it's definitely unlike any other movie I've seen this year. Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe give stellar performances in this visually stunning and peculiar comedy-drama. It's definitely one worth checking out for those into more out there films.

Swiss Army Man is being released in limited theaters in Los Angeles and New York today and nationwide on July 1.


Which of Manny's magical powers would you most like to take with you on a wilderness trip?


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