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I remember when I first saw Superman and snickered at how hilarious it was that he wore his underwear on the outside of his tights. Then the '90s rolled in, and Marvel decided to ditch the capes and tights for gaudy armor on some of our favorite superheroes. Iron Man and Warmachine were no longer the only armored heroes clanking around the streets. A bunch of other superheroes needed some extra protection to help take down all the bad guys of the world. Some did not make the best design choices, and others were so-so. Either way, here are 5 of the goofiest battle armors during the '90s.

1. Hawkeye's Semi-Battle Armor

Hawkeye's armor
Hawkeye's armor

I hope Jeremy Renner never has to succumb to donning this idiotic costume in any of the Avengers movies. Even though this is a partial battle armor, it was designed by Tony Stark. In Avengers Spotlight #30, Steve Gerber had Hawkeye get shot, and wrote about how Hawkeye was a little shaken up by the event. This lead to Hawkeye asking Tony Stark to build him some bulletproof armor. But it looks like Tony Stark had a little too much drink. Stark created a pair of gauntlets and a helmet, and what looks like a little chain mail vest? How did Hawkeye fire his arrows with those metal gloves? It doesn't matter, the costume only lasted a few issues, and was dropped in Avengers West Coast. I guess it got too hot wearing it in the California heat.

2. Thor's Glamorous Battle Armor

Thor rocking out in his 1990's battle armor
Thor rocking out in his 1990's battle armor

Outside of Iron Man, Thor is known to have some awesome armor. However, Mike Deodato, Jr. must have been really into heavy metal in the 1990's. Just look at all of that headbanger hair on Thor! It looks like Thor wanted to be a metal band's lead singer and rock out across the Rainbow Bridge. I guess he could have contacted Reed Richards and crew to from Thor and The Fantastic Four? What is up with Thor showing off his mid-driff? When Ragnorak comes knocking, put on your codpiece and start rocking! I'm sure the ladies would love to see Chris Hemsworth in this outfit!

3. Daredevil's Sporty Battle Armor

In 1993 Daredevil had to go through a wardrobe change during the Fall From Grace storyline because, after all, it was the 90's. After Daredevil fought one of Silver Sable's cronies, his costume got ruined. Of course, he decided to wear some random battle armor. It's like he reached blindly (no pun intended) into his closet, and pulled out this jem. I'm not sure if this is what he wears during his football league, but I do have it say it is the best armor design during this time period. Leave it to the impaired hero to have the best battle armor of the group.

4. Captain America's Exoskeleton

This was an interesting time in Captain America's life. His Super-Soldier serum was making him sick. The smart thing to do, is give himself an edge during battle. He turned to Tony Stark to create the Captain America Exoskeleton. I'm not sure what Tony Stark was thinking. Maybe he didn't want Cap to look better than him when they were standing next to each other. Maybe Stark really liked pirate boots? Just look how there's a metal cuff that folds over the boot! In the end, I felt like Captain America was giving up his mantle, and looking to join the National Football League. They way he throws that shield around, he would definitely be my first round pick for quarterback!

5. Spider-Man's The Steel Spider

Remember the armor that Tony Stark made for Spider-Man during the Civil War story? That was one of my favorite armored costumes. Those pincers coming out of Spider-Man's back were so cool! But before that one existed, Peter Parker designed his own battle armor. In Web of Spider-Man #100, Peter Parker decides he needs to armor-up before going against the evil team of Super-Enforcers. What I've always enjoyed about Peter was his intellect. He figured out to strengthen his spider fluid and turned it into this new battle armor. But why the armor came out looking like a pair of bedazzled jeans is beyond me. Luckily, he only wore it once he took down the super-powered villains.

Which of these do you think is the worst? Did I miss any other Marvel armors? I know there were a few DC heroes that went through the same '90s fashion.


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