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Will the world accept Laura Kinney as the new Wolverine? Let's face it: To most people, the X-Men are not really the X-Men without Wolverine. So, you can expect Fox to continue Wolvie's mantle after Hugh Jackman's gone. Honestly, I'm worried that casual fans will automatically dismiss her because, well, she's relatively unknown (and for other obvious reasons).

Fox will have the monumental task of not only finishing a legacy, but starting another one -- all in the same movie. It's not hard, stay true to the character and that should translate to an insane amount of dollar signs for the studio! Personally, I'm enamored with this character and think she's a worthy successor to one of the greatest heroes of all-time.

As of now, we're not entirely sure what the story will be about in Wolverine 3. In the post-credits scene in X-Men: Apocalypse, we saw a man with an Essex Corporation briefcase stealing a vial of Wolverine's blood.

So, we can safely expect that experimentation will be done in the next movie about what makes Wolvie so special. That means there's a perfect opportunity to bring X-23 into the X-Men movie universe.

X-23's Origin

X-23, aka Laura Kinney, was created to exact revenge on Wolverine by this humongous douchebag. Wolvie's Y-Chromosome was corrupted, so they used Dr. Sarah Kinney as a surrogate mother. The Facility made her do horrendous things, including killing a ton of of people. Her mother loved her very much, and wanted to free her from this life of an assassin.

Right when she escaped the-douche-that-shall-not-be-named, he doused this substance on her mother's neck that makes Laura go into an uncontrollable rage. She kills her mother and remember, she's only a thirteen-year-old girl. It's quite sad, just like Wolverine's life. So, she wants to meet her father and kill him because she believes they're irredeemable. That's pretty dramatic, right?

During all this, Captain America is interrogating her the whole time. I love me some Cap, but he comes off quite the d*ckhead interrogating her, but he's not entirely in the wrong. I mean, she did kill an audacious amount of people.

Luckily, Matt Murdock is there as her lawyer. He begs Captain to let her go back to the X-Mansion to be trained properly. Cap says no and he takes her into custody. Just when you think all hope is lost he stops and gives her a bus ticket to New York. It is Captain America.

A New Wolverine

After the death of Wolverine, Laura took over for Wolverine. Along with Miles Morales' Spider-Man, Old Man Logan, Ms. Marvel, Vision, Black Panther, and Moon Knight -- these are the Marvel Comics that I look forward reading every month.

I went on a bender and read so many comics from the two biggest publishers and only found a handful from each that I thoroughly enjoyed. I hope that I can sell you on Laura Kinney, and why you should be checking out her comic - and hopefully her at the movies in the future.

I fell in love with X-23 after the first issue, when she was injured trying to save the day. Angel wanted to give her a hug, but she was too severely injured. So, Angel started patting her head. At first, he stopped, but Laura says 'I never asked you to stop' (paraphrase). This tender moment sold me on Wolverine and I've been a tremendous fan ever since. She has one of most extreme backstory in comics, but also a vulnerable side that will win fans over in time.


So, when she's trying to stop a terrorist attack in Paris, she finds the culprit to be a clone of herself. This leads into some badass action and X-23 taking out Alchemex. During that time she meets a clone name, Gabby, who's a sweet, sweet little girl. The rest of the clones lacked Laura's mutation, but Gabby seems to be different.

Then a chase ensues and one of the clones -- and, well, you should read it for yourself! I'm not sure where they are going, but I love that fact that Laura now has a family member that she's currently living with.

There's also a great story involving Squirrel Girl, but that's something you should read for yourself as well. The biggest questions that one must ask: Can she fit the bill as the cinematic version of Wolverine? Honestly, I'm not sure, but I really hope to find out!


Will the next Wolverine movie be an adaptation of Old Man Logan? Maybe. With Simon Kinberg comments about a futuristic western (damn timelines), one can only wonder. There's also a great story detailing Wolverine's death. I'm not quite sure how that would fit it, since he's already lost his healing factor in The Wolverine.

I would love to see a Wolverine from Old Man Logan, whom traveled back to present-day. If that sounds familiar, it's because that's the current comic currently being written by the talented Jeff Lemire.

Yet, the screenplay was written far in advance from the comic, so, it's really anyone's guess. Laura Kinney must be in Wolverine 3 because it'd be the biggest stage to introduce her. With Jackman's last movie, it'd be wise to introduce the audience to the next incarnation of our favorite mutant, plus shes's basically his daughter (I mentioned that before, right?)


I'm extremely excited to see the last installment of Jackman's legacy and also to read the next X-23 comic! I really hope that people aren't turned off because she's a girl and they think Wolverine should be a man. That ruins how iconic these characters are, and how they should be able to reach so many people. So, please give X-23 (Wolverine) a fair shake and I'm sure you'll grow as fond of her as I am!



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