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After the poor financial and critical reception of 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony and Marvel shocked the world a year later with the announcement that Spider-Man would be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The deal gave Marvel Studios creative input over future Spider-Man solo films and ensemble movies.

Before this deal took place, however, Sony was planning to build a cinematic universe around the wall-crawler, with solo films for Venom, the Sinister Six and even Aunt May. Now, after the MCU Spider-Man's debut in Captain America: Civil War, and his upcoming film Spider-Man: Homecoming, it appears Sony is still pursuing a Spidey cinematic universe. One of the first characters who will supposedly kick this off is the antihero/mercenary Silver Sable.

Claims Silver Sable Could Be Introduced

Last year, Sony suffered e-mail leaks that revealed plans for solo movies for characters like the previously mentioned Aunt May and also Silver Sable. However, with Spider-Man's introduction to the MCU, many believed that these plans were a thing of the past — but that might very well not be the case.

On this week's episode podcast of Meet the Movie Press, former The Wrap editor Jeff Sneider, revealed that he's heard Sony still wants to get a Silver Sable film made and have even approached Abi Morgan, screenwriter of films like Shame and The Iron Lady, to write the script.

Who Is Silver Sable?

OK, for the large portion of you who are scratching your heads, trying to figure out who Silver Sable is, Silver Sablinova is the CEO of Silver Sable international. Having lost her mother at a young age, she underwent extreme training and became a mercenary. Sablinova is the leader of the mercenary team The Wild Pack and her adventures have forced her to cross paths with Spider-Man. She has been both an ally and an adversary for the wall-crawler.

While this character could be a very interesting addition to the Sony roster, I wonder — if this rumor is true — how Sony will be able to rally enough hype for a largely unknown character. Does she stand a chance at having a decent run at the box office?

Even then, if the Amazing Spider-Man franchise has taught us anything, it is that we should wait and see how things turn out in the early stages of production. For now we should just see how Spider-Man: Homecoming is received and if his supporting characters are enough to have a franchise built around them. I must stress that this is just speculation based on a rumor. But what do you think?

If the rumors prove to be true, Silver Sable won't be the only female-led superhero film coming out in the coming years. Check out three other badass ladies getting their own films, and see a full list of all the superhero films coming out until 2020.

Would you be up for a Silver Sable film? Are there any other characters from the Spidey-verse that you would like to see get their own spin-off films?


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