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The boys at the sandlot taught us more things than we could ever imagine. They taught us life lessons that couldn’t be more prominent in everyday life. Living in today's world we get caught up in the everyday drama and sometimes we just need to remember the little things in life that will get us through.

Believe In Yourself

One of the things that they boys of The Sandlot taught us was about always believing in yourself. With all the negative feelings around nowadays, it’s impossible not to have self doubts. Doubting yourself is easy, and believing in yourself is so hard. There are many people out there that are amazing at all of these things and sometimes you feel like loser comparing to them. Going back to when Scotty Smalls showed up at the sandlot to join the game the first time. He went home embarrassed and ready to give up. You have to have confidence in yourself no matter what people think. YOU are the only you on this Earth, and it’s important live it well.

You have to learn to stick up for yourself because there are times where you will be standing alone. There are going to be things in life that are going to be SUPER intimidating, and that is perfectly okay. With these intimidations you just have to close your eyes and go for it, just like Scotty Smalls did as he caught Benny’s ball.

Follow Your Heart

Always follow your heart in everything you do. When the great Babe Ruth came into Benny’s dream he told him to “follow his heart.” When Benny followed his heart he seemed invincible. He did everything he could to get a prized possession back for Smalls, so he wouldn’t end up “dead.” A prized possession that was in a yard that had a savage “Beast” in it. Wouldn’t we all love to have Benny as a best friend? All of us need at least one of those types of friends that we can always count on, even when times get tough.

Work Hard

In the Sandlot, all the boys are hard competitors. They work hard for what they earn. In life we are always competing with the person at work, school, or just a random stranger standing next to us. Sometimes we think that we are so great at things that we don’t work hard to earn the right of victory. At times we just think that it will be handed to us on a gold platter, but honestly do you really think life is that easy?! Life gets rough and can be tough in every situation. Honestly it would be amazing if we could be handed our successes without even working towards them because then we could just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! With competing so much in life there are going to be times where we fail. We are going to fail so much that we won’t try again.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Trial and error is a huge part of self-improvement. It helps us know what not to do if we actually live through it or try it. Let us be real… boys will be boys, and girls will be girls. The ones that grow as a person are usually the people that have done far worse in the past and have grown from the ignorance. They have grown from their own mistakes. Parents sometimes like to shelter their kids from things of the real world, but sometimes kids need to fall and scrape their knees so they can get up on their own. They need to feel the sting and hurt of that knee scrape… hypothetically speaking,of course.

Value Friendship

Friendship is a HUGE aspect of the sandlot boys. One moment they can’t stand the dweeb waiting to “miss” a ball in left center field, and the next moment they are best pals with him and helping him to get out of the biggest “pickle” of his life. Always be loyal to your friends even when they do move away. Never replace them on your team.

One of the life lessons “The Sandlot” taught us was to never eat chaw on a carnival ride. You will get sick. They probably thought that it was going to be awesome and they were going to be big shots, but at the end of the ride you could tell that they definitely regret that decision. With Scotty stealing one of his step-dad’s prized possessions and completely ruining it he knew he made a BIG mistake.

Admit Your Mistakes

How scared would you be if you ruined one of your parents favorite things in this entire world that could be worth thousands on thousands of dollars?! I would try to think of everything and anything that I could do to make that mistake go away. That is exactly what Scotty Smalls did when he lost his step-dad’s autographed baseball from the one and only Babe Ruth. When Scotty realized that there was nothing he could do to get the ball back to its original shape he decided the ONLY way to end this was to own up to his mistake.

At the end of the movie you see Scotty give his step-father a new ball that has not only Babe Ruth’s signature but all the Yankees signatures from that year. Even though his step-father was mad about him destroying his Babe Ruth ball, he was very appreciative that Scotty apologized for the mistake he made. You have to make the best out of every situation because sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to. If you don’t own up to your mistakes it can at times come back to bite you in the butt… just like “The Beast” did with Benny as he was running away from him with the ball.

Life Is Too Short To Be Mean

With that, always go above and beyond for anyone and everyone. Life is too short to not. Always be kind, generous, and loving because it’s hard for some people to make friends. Especially when you are the new kid in town. ALWAYS befriend the new kid, no matter how “uncool” he seems. He could end up to be one of the greatest and best friend of all time. You just have to give him a chance. NEVER judge a book by it’s cover, even when it is wearing a silly bass hat.

With any argument you make you have to admit that saying “you play ball like a girl” is one of the worst insults you can tell a baseball boy. They live and breathe for the game so once you tell them they aren’t good enough, you might as well just punch them in the gut. You could EASILY win any argument with that insult. Also, NEVER say that around any girls. They will show you what is up!

It's OK To Put On A Little Show To Get The Girl

One of the VERY important things we learned from the crew was that the way to score some chicks was to literally fake your own death. WHO would have ever thought of that genius plan? SQUINTS. Of course. He could have seriously drowned if Wendy Peffercorn wasn’t there to save the day. How stupid do you have to think the only way to land a chick or dude was to do something life threatening?! Never do anything you aren’t comfortable with without being fully aware of the RISKS you are taking!

Nothing's Better Than S'Mores

S’mores are probably one of the greatest foods of all time. Who else could eat s’mores for days. I know I could! “Ham” definitely shows the love of a good s’more as he stuffs his face with the mallow, graham, and chocolate. Never pass up a good s’more.

Love The Game

Another important lesson that the boys teach us is to love your game. Whatever passion you have you have to run with it and make every moment count. Love your passion like Benny loves baseball. Benny does it for the game, he doesn’t do it for the fame. That’s really important in today’s world because there are so many celebrities out there that are famous for no apparent reason. They are famous because they want to be famous. Benny got famous at the end because he loved what he did. He never asked for any of the fame and fortune.

The boys at the sandlot could teach us how to be better people with just a simple game of baseball. Their love for each other, the game, and for the s’mores are things that we could really use in our everyday lives to become humble, genuine, and enthusiastic. These kids taught us how to be “men.”


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