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Lily Rabe has proven that she is a great actress, not only on the small and big screens but also on stage. Come on, talent basically runs through her veins, as she is the daughter of Tony award-winning playwright David Rabe and acclaimed late actress Jill Clayburgh.

With months away from Season 6 of American Horror Story hitting our screens, fans are still eagerly awaiting the theme and more importantly - who is going to be involved? One person, I am desperately hoping to see on that list, is Sister Satan herself. From hippie swamp witch to real-life serial killer, here is a look back at the characters so magnificently portrayed by Lily Rabe.

Nora Montgomery (Murder House)

Life is too short for so much sorrow
Life is too short for so much sorrow

Ghosts, rubber gimp suits...and more ghosts. In the first season, Rabe played the socialite wife of Dr. Charles Montgomery - the original owners of the so-called murder house. After performing an abortion on a young girl, Nora and Charles' own son Thaddeus, was killed and dismembered by the patients angry boyfriend. High on ether, Charles develops a Frankenstein complex - stitching the babies body parts to those from animals, completed with a human heart. When she fails to kill Charles' monstrous creation, a tormented Nora grabs a handgun and shoots her husband in the head before using it to kill herself.

Though only appearing in a supporting role, the hauntingly beautiful Nora Montgomery was one hell of a first impression for Lily Rabe. It shows how much of herself she is willing to give to a character. A great set up for her next role, to which she would give over her body, mind and soul entirely!

Sister Mary Eunice (Asylum)

I'm just a simple nun
I'm just a simple nun

Set in Briarcliff Manor, the second installment titled Asylum, saw Lily Rabe play Sister Mary Eunice. She was the innocent and naive right hand to Jessica Lange's Sister Jude. We only see the sweet Mary Eunice for one and a half episodes, as she is literally possessed by the devil in episode three. Under the devils reign, Mary Eunice kills patients, takes over Jude's position as head of Briarcliff and dances around in red lingerie. Lily Rabe also returned as Sister Mary Eunice in season four.

I agree! This is by far my favorite season and character, that Rabe has played on American Horror Story. It was a role where we really got to see her acting chops, and it was a major leap from Murder House. She was phenomenal at adjusting her mannerisms to embody the devilish side of Mary Eunice, but in the scenes where the pure side peaked through, Rabe always managed to switch back in a heartbeat.

Misty Day (Coven)

Just like a white winged dove sings a song
Just like a white winged dove sings a song

A complete departure from devils and aliens. Season three saw all our favorite AHS ladies take on witches and voodoo. This time, Lily Rabe played the adorable swamp witch Misty Day. When Misty brings a dead bird back to life with her power of resurgence, the townspeople burn her at the stake - but of course - she brings herself back. A loner witch with an immense love for Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks, Misty joins the young witches of Robichaux's Academy to see if she has a chance of becoming the next supreme witch.

Misty stole the hearts of many fans - myself included - and I think that is entirely attributed to the fact that so much of Rabe's genuine loving soul shined through. It was definitely a shake-up of a season. With a much lighter and campy tone, many fans consider Coven a weak act to follow Asylum. I somewhat agree but in hindsight - it was a fun season to watch - with great characters like Misty Day, the character that brought the white witch Stevie Nicks to the world of American Horror Story.

Aileen Wuornos (Hotel)

Welcome to the devils night at the Hotel Cortez
Welcome to the devils night at the Hotel Cortez

With Misty Day being her last prominent character on American Horror Story to date, many doubted her return as she went on to other projects, whilst the show went on to its fifth season. However, fans rejoiced when Lily Rabe surprised everyone by appearing in Hotel for a small special guest role as the infamous Aileen Wuornos. Keeping in tradition with a two-part Halloween special, Rabe appeared in part one titled 'Devils Night' - a night where the most infamous real-life serial killers gather at the Hotel Cortez. She also appeared in the final episode.

Come on Aileen! Definitely not the same vibe as the classic Dexys Midnight Runners song - but nonetheless - Rabe had a complete physical transformation to get into the skin of Aileen Wuornos. No adorable shawl twirling here, just a fierce and electrifying performance.

Where is her Emmy!? Leave a comment below on which was your favorite Lily Rabe character!


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