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Batman: Under the Red Hood is an animated movie which came out in 2010. It has some famous actors doing the voice acting, like Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother), Jensen Ackles (Supernatural), Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter series), John DiMaggio (Futurama, Adventure Time) etc. The movie is an adaptation of the comic called "Under the Hood". Is it any good? Read on to find out.

The Plot

The movie starts out in Sarajevo, where Joker beats up Robin with a crowbar and then proceeds to leave him in a warehouse which explodes soon after, with Batman failing to make it in time. The plot then picks up some time after, with the introduction of a vigilante called Red Hood. Red Hood declares his own war on crime, but he kills criminals, as opposed to Batman who has his "no killing" rule.

I can safely say Batman: Under the Red Hood is a great and I would even say underrated animated movie. Batman in animated Batman stuff, be it series or movies, usually look great and it is no different this time. Also, here some famous Gotham characters are here, like Ra's Al Ghul, Joker, Black Mask, Alfred, first Robin (Nightwing) and second Robin. There are some great action scenes to be found in here and the animation is nice. I loved all of the characters except Nightwing, who didn't really do much and Black Mask who was a typical crime lord-type villain. The voice acting is good, I do not have any complaints here, although Bruce Goodman (Batman) is no Kevin Conroy nor is John DiMaggio (Joker) Mark Hamill. Still, they did just fine considering those are big shoes to fill.

Considering the length of the movie, there is some nice characterization to be found. I loved how Batman and Red Hood are each other's counterparts in ideals, with Batman not wanting to kill anyone and Red Hood feeling that he is "taking out the trash". They also have a similar fighting style, with heavy reliance on the gadgetry and martial arts. Red Hood also knows Batman's techniques all too well, which makes up for an even more interesting fight. The story isn't thin as well, there are some flashbacks and expositions to be found here, which I found interesting. The final showdown is awesome and the finale in general is intense.

The movie puts out the moral dilemma of only catching the criminals like Joker versus just killing them and ending their killing streak once and for all. I do understand Batman, however, as he feels once he kills someone, there is no turning back and he will descend into madness. This kind of reminded me of Civil War, although it may seem different to you, to me it is similar because neither is really a villain, they just have conflicting ideals. Any way you put it, people making the movie did a great job. I also liked how when Nightwing wants to help Batman out, Batman is like "I don't need help", which does make sense considering one of his Robins got blown up by a maniac, and it is generally in the spirit of the character since Batman is a loner type. The movie also ends on an emotional note, which is impressive for a comic book movie.

What did I not like about this movie? Well, there is some nonsensical exposition near the beginning of the movie and it is a tad bit short, as I would love to see more. However, in that short time the movie shows more than some of the live action movies, so it is not too big of a problem. Also, Nightwing wasn't really anything special and he doesn't really do much.

Overall, Batman: Under the Red Hood may be one of my personal favorite animated movies and I love it. It has good voice acting, great action scenes, interesting, yet simple story and something to think about.


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