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Honestly, shouldn't Sony just start their own Marvel Cinematic Universe? Wait, didn't they already tried that? To say Spider-Man was just successful in CA: Civil War, is like saying that Harry Potter was just a wizard. An understatement. Failure after failure, we finally got a unanimously awesome Spider-Man. It only makes sense that Sony would want to get in on that action!

Realistically, how are they supposed to fit their movies in while Marvel is releasing up to three-per-year? They could always go the television route -- where anything that happens in Sony's movies, are like non-models on Tony Stark's radar.

We already know that Marvel are the creative-leads on the new Spider-Man movies, but the real question: Should Sony even attempt to create their own universe? Yes, without a doubt! The Spider-Verse is full of rich characters that would have no chance to truly shine with how expansive Marvel's MCU have now become.

Gosh, I hate that in Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD, Miles Morales calls himself Kid Arachnid (it makes sense on the show). I get it, but surely we're intelligent enough to understand that Spider-Man could be considered a mantle and be passed to the next person, right, or am I being a little too much of a social justice warrior? Therefore, we could understand that there's another universe outside the main one and this is where Miles resides, right?

If the animated Spider-Man movie that's coming out, does in fact feature Miles; then that should be a great way to gauge the audience reactions to an alternative Spider-Man! Let's talk about all the amazing, spectacular things that we could see if Sony chooses to use an alternate universe!


How would Marvel fit all these characters in their universe, and what's stopping them after they debut? This seems like this could kill two birds with one stone. If Marvel decides to use the 1610-Universe as the Spider-Verse playground, then the sky is the limit!

It'd be very easy to setup a shared-universe and I can almost guarantee that this a money maker! None of Marvel Studios' owned characters really have to appear, but just be mentioned from time-to-time!

Nothing against, Silver Sable, but really? I'm not quite sure the thinking behind that, but at least it seems like progress is being made on this front. Here are a few characters that could actually shine given the time in Sony's Marvel Universe (besides Miles)!


That's right, Parker's biggest bully turns out to be one of the most interesting heroes currently at Marvel Comics. After an injury during war, Venom made a love a connection, creating an awesome hero. His story is interesting enough to warrant a movie. Plus, he can do so many interesting things. I could go on, but this is just a quick recap of the possibilities.


Originally designed as Parker's clone, I acutally like how Ultimate Spider-Man portrayed his character. Doc Ock experimented on a lonely teen and created his version of Spider-Man. He is such a fascinating character, due to how different his outlook on life is from Peter's. I would love to see a movie of him exacting revenge on becoming his very own hero.


She's the Spider-Woman of a different Earth, and the only reason I excluded Jessica Drew is because I think Marvel Studios will use her in Captain Marvel. She has Parker's wit and when Parker was bullied and turned himself into a lizard to become a hero -- and she accidentally killed him during battle. This movie just sounds too good to pass up! Honestly, this is the movie that I'd like to see most out of any! I'm sure you can rearrange a few things around to make her fit Miles' universe.


Simply, Marvel has too many movies in the works to do these characters justice. If they can work out a deal and have this become a reality, then my nerd-level will exponentially rise with how happy this would make me. I know, I left out a lot of big names, but I'm sure if this would to happen, then they'd probably have a chance to shine as well. Plus, Peter Parker can always come back, just like he did in the Ultimate Comics!

If it fails, then it wasn't really ever part of the Marvel universe anyways! It's a win-win! Sadly, only time will tell, and at least we'll have Spider-Man: Homecoming next year! Let's just hope that I'm not completely full of sh*t and could be a possibility!



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