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Stephanie Donaldson

There's nothing worse than seeing a spoiler about the new Game of Thrones episode, whether it's on Facebook, Twitter or even the news! Already, Game of Thrones fans live in a mild state of panic to watch the newest episode ASAP, but what if I told you our lives were about to get even more treacherous!? A company called 'Spoiled', for the cheap price of your soul ($0.99 USD), will anonymously send Game of Thrones spoilers to any number of your choosing.

The text messages last the entire Game of Thrones season — so there's no take backs, if you still start feeling bad. The creators were inspired to start the app after a viral reddit post about a woman who continuously sent spoilers to her cheating ex. The woman first unblocked him and sent him messages, with the ex hopefully thinking they were going to reconcile. Then on, he received spoilers for every episode, the woman even went so far as to use mutual friends phones to text him!

If you don't want your friends thinking you're the spawn of Satan, you can read reactions of the company's twitter page. Surprisingly most of the reactions are reasonably tame. Generally, victims are just confused on who is sending them the message. To be honest if anyone signs me up to the service, I will do as the fan below suggests and find myself some dogs.

So do you have anyone that you would use the app on? Or is this app going too far? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments.


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