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The people of the world were introduced to Scooby Doo back in 1969. The original Series named 'Scooby Doo, Where Are You!' was created for Hanna-Barbera Productions. The original writers were Joe Ruby and Ken Spears when the show launched in the late '60s. In case you don't know, the show which was shown every Saturday morning had featured four close teenagers called Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley and Norville "Shaggy" Rogers. They went on mysteries with their talking Great Dane called Scooby Doo. They solved all kinds of mysteries which had involved supposedly supernatural creatures.

The 1969 Scooby Doo Logo
The 1969 Scooby Doo Logo

The American show had become a major hit globally and they then decided to bring Scooby onto the big screen back in 1979 in 'Scooby Goes Hollywood'. Ever since then, Scooby has had major films creating an incredible audience that aren't just children. Adults are known for enjoying Scooby Doo as much as their children. In the 1980s-1990s, Scooby Doo starred in a load of animated films which caught many peoples eyes. Today, Scooby is more well known for his Live Action films. Below is a list of my top four animated films Scooby starred in.

1. Scooby Doo and the Monster of Mexico

Scooby Doo and the gang travel out to Veracruz in Mexico to visit Fred's pen-pal, Alejo Otero. After Alejo had sent out the invitations to Fred, a strange and scary long-haired monster began to terrorise the people living in Veracruz. The creature/monster had been sen by Alejo and his son, Jorge and their pet dog called Chiquita. It wasn't long until the population of Veracruz gave the monster a name. It became the famous "El Chupacabra"!

When strange things happened in the night, Fred declares there is a mystery to be solved! Scooby and the gang had searched Veracruz from top to tail to get to the bottom of the mystery. But it all came to an end when the Chupacabra was caught in a shamble of wire and reveal to Veracruz that the monster is a fake and was actually the museum guard who they saw later that day. But Velma noticed something else was wrong. The museum guard's face was actually a mask and the real monster was Charlene of was Luis' (Alejo's friend) girlfriend. When Charlene was taken away Scooby and the gang could celebrate the Day of the Dead festival properly just like they intended to!

This film gathered a lot of mixed reviews and by a lot of people rated as one of the worst Scooby Doo films. However, I believe that this film is the best film to show for new Scooby Doo viewers. The film is fast moving, easy to follow and incredibly entertaining. It's a film that has it's laugh out loud moments and keeps the audience thinking.

2. Scooby Doo Meets the Boo Brothers

'Scooby Doo Meets the Boo Brothers' is the second Scooby Doo animated film. This film is a film that only stars Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy. Shaggy suddenly that his uncle Col. Beauregard has died and has left Shaggy his country estate, which just happens to be on a plantation and is frequently haunted by ghosts. What else? So Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy all head off to the estate to claim the inheritance. But as they arrive they collide with a headless guy on a horse and see a ghost of the Colonel who tells them to turn around and leave or there will be consequences.

When they reach the estate they are approached by the rather spooky manservant Farquard who tells them that there is a fortune in jewels hiding somewhere on the inherited estate that belong to him and Shaggy has no nothing to do with them. Obviously Shaggy is intrigued and goes on the hunt for them. Farquad and the local sheriff who is on the look out for an escaped circus ape are also looking for these mysterious jewels. The Colonel has left a number of clues that lead to the exact location of the jewels and the clues are all in riddle form. During the hunt for the jewels, they are creepily interrupted by a number of ghosts. These include living skeletons, headless corpses and the ghost of the Colonel. Also during the hunt, they come face to face with the "Boo Brothers" who they called to get rid of the ghosts. The ghost hunting "Boo Brothers" are... well... ghosts themselves!

But is Beauregard Manor actually haunted or are all the ghosts actually a fake who someone created to clear everyone off the estate so they can retrieve the jewels themselves? A few suspects are Farquard and the Colonel's neighbour Billy Bob.

'Scooby Doo Meets the Boo Brothers' has been called "hilarious", "fun" and "the best cartoon movie of all time". The film gets the audience interacted by helping solve riddles for themselves. But how many did you get right? '

3. Scooby Doo On Zombie Island

One word sums 'Scooby Doo On Zombie Island' up. Terrifying! The members of Mystery Inc decide it's time to go their own ways as they have become bored of solving ghostly mysteries. Fred realises it's Daphne's birthday coming up and he invites everyone round and go on a road trip whilst Daphne films for her show that she and Fred star in.

During the road trip, they encounter a variety of fake monsters as per usual. But they are soon invited onto Moonscar Island by a young woman called Lena. The island is apparently haunted by a load of ghosts. One being pirate Morgan Moonscar. Lena introduces the gang to her employer, Simone Lenoir, the ferryman called Jacques with his pig Mojo. They are finally introduced to the gardener of the island, Beau. The gang gt the camera rolling and prove the ghosts are fake. Scooby and Shaggy are chased by Mojo and end up falling into a large hole, where they encounter the ghost of Morgan Moonscar. But by the time the rest of mystery solving gang come to investigate, Morgan Moonscar is nowhere to be seen.

The gang stay on the island for the night. Shaggy and Scooby decide to eat in the famous Mystery Machine as Simone's mansion is crawling with cats. They suddenly find out the food is too spicy for their liking and sprint to the lake to cool off. But this is where they both see an army of spooky zombies emerge from the lake. Shaggy and Scooby flee away in the Mystery Machine as quickly as possible. But it isn't long until the Mystery Machine becomes stuck in the mud and the pair have to run the rest on foot.

Voodoo dolls of the gang are discovered and the gang find a hidden passage under the stairs. The passage has a trail of Simone's heel prints. When the gang find Simone, Lena takes her side and use the voodoo dolls that resemble the gang and trap them in a chamber. Scooby and Shaggy accidentally tumble into the cave, interrupting the draining ceremony and distracting the cat creatures. Velma is on the ball and unties herself and saves the others. They then create voodoo dolls of Simone and Lena which disturbs the ritual. The cat creatures' curse expires and Simone and Lena disintegrate, and they all lived happily ever after.

Fans of this film have credited the film for resurrecting the Scooby-Doo franchise and for being incredibly darker than it's other film and the original series. The story was heavily praised for it's animations and originality of the story. The movie holds a strong rating of 88%.

4. Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost

Much to Velma's excitement the famous Mystery solving gang meet the famous Horror writer, Ben Ravencroft. Ben then decides to invite them down to the "peaceful" Oakhaven, Massachusetts. Whilst they visit, they are there for the Autumn Harvest Festival. Out of nowhere, Ben explains his history of his ancestor Sarah Ravencroft. Well she just happened to be an evil witch. During the festival, the Hex Girls are down to perform.The Hex Girls are an all female Gothic rock band. Whilst in Oakhaven, the gang go around and investigate the mysterious sightings.

From Ben revealing his ancestor was an evil witch to Scooby and Shaggy being chased by a green witch, things take a sudden turn. Ben reveals that he created the mystery at the museum at the start of the film as he knew the gang would go to investigate and he could draw them towards the book. The gang take the book from Ben and attempt to flee from Oakhaven in the Mystery Machine. But Ben has now been granted a load of new powers and he bursts the tires on the Mystery Machine. Ben grabs back the book the summons Sarah the evil witch from the book. He then finds out that Sarah has no loyalty to him and her ambitions are to wipe out the world and not rule the world with Ben.

Ben tries to imprison Sarah back in the book, but she says only a Wiccan can defeat her. The gang attempt to get the book. But suddenly pumpkins, trees and turkeys all turn into monsters and fight against the meddling kids. After the Hex Girls are freed, Daphne and Velma convince Thron to use her "inherited Wiccan powers" to read out the spell and banish Sarah for good. On her way back into the book, she grabs Ben who is trapped with her forever. Then a happy performance from the Hex Girls and everyone lives happily ever after. Again.

'Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost' is described as "darker" and "edgier" alongside it being "twisted". The Witch's Ghost follows "Scooby Doo on Zombie Island" and attempts to be a lot darker and have a monster that is genuine and isn't a fake. The film would've been a better story if it was divided into two. When Ben reveals he lied to the gang and revealed he just wanted to lead them towards the book, it should've stopped their on a cliff hanger ready for a second part to it. But other than that, the film is still heavily praised for it's work and animations.

Scooby Doo films are still being made to this day. Some being Live Action, some being Animation. But the ones above will always be remembered as pure classics.


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