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When I saw the first preview for Central Intelligence a few months back, I knew I had to watch it. I finally got to see the film this past Saturday, and it pretty much met all my expectations. What I didn't expect though, is the inspirational messages the movie had, and how much they would touch me. Allow me to break down the three reasons why Central Intelligence is an inspiring film.

1. Central Intelligence Stands Up Against Bullying

I'm sure y'all have heard about this a million times in the press junkets and other movie reviews, but it's still a valid point. This movie shows no mercy to bullies, which is a very good thing. Today, bullying is a lot more detrimental than it was ten to fifteen years ago, thanks to social media (and kids just being downright bad!), so it's nice to see a film show bullies as the loudmouth punks that they are...punks that eventually get their butts handed to them. Another message the movie conveys is that being empathetic and not following the crowd is a very good thing. Despite being the most popular kid in school, Calvin (Kevin Hart) goes out of his way to help Robbie/Bob (Rock) when he's completely humiliated by a couple of idiots on Assembly Day, and he's the only student that doesn't guffaw at the poor guy's misfortune.

2. Central Intelligence Encourages Us to Be Ourselves

After high school, Robbie transforms himself into Bob Stone, a lethal CIA agent with a super sexy muscular body. However, at his core, he's a gentle giant that loves unicorns, fanny packs, En Vogue's "Never Gonna Get It" and the film Sixteen Candles. Bob isn't afraid to show people his true personality, and he's happy with who he is. When Calvin has doubts about himself and how his life's been going, Bob lets him know that he's actually a great guy and should never be afraid to be himself. I don't have to tell y'all what a good message that is. There's a lot of people out there that still struggle with that.

3. Central Intelligence Tells You to Be the Hero of Your Own Story

When Calvin is in high school, he succeeds in everything and feels like the world is his oyster. Twenty years later, however, Calvin works as an accountant and he can't seem to get promoted. Calvin feels as if his life is empty, and he especially feels inadequate when it comes to the fact that he and his wife haven't had any children as of yet. I believe most of us have been in this situation: we pretty much peaked in high school, and life has been disappointing ever since. Bob lets Calvin know that he has to be "the hero of his own story" and go for what he wants. Calvin also has to encourage Bob to be the hero of his own story, when Bob becomes nervous while attending his high school reunion. The way Bob overcomes his fear is gut wrenching, by the way. No spoilers here, boo-boo. You have to go see the movie.

Central Intelligence had me laughing from start to finish, but it also had some heartfelt messages too, and I loved that. So, if there's any of you out there that were bullied in school, or you feel like your life isn't where you want it to be, go watch this film. No, it's not a self-help film that'll solve all of life's ills, but it's really funny, and laughter heals the soul. It may also give you a little bit of motivation to do something different with your life, even if it's a small task that makes you feel a little bit better about yourself. Plus, Rock is so fine, and he and Kevin make a great comedy duo. Check it out!

For those of you that have seen the film, did you think Central Intelligence has a positive message, or do you think it's strictly for laughs and jokes? Give me your thoughts!

Central Intelligence is in theaters nationwide.


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