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Warning: I'll try to keep the spoilers to a minimum about Independence Day: Resurgence to a minimum, as to not inadvertently trigger an interstellar war...or get internet slapped!

It's not every day a guy with two kids, a wife, a mortgage, and all that other stuff that comes with adulting, gets to see a movie on opening day. Especially one that's the sequel to one of the biggest and best movies he's ever seen!

I'll admit, I was a little worried about going to see Independence Day: Resurgence, thanks to Rotten Tomatoes and, as of this writing, its crappy 33% rating. It was actually around 51% the last time I checked it before going to the theater.

Here's the critics' consensus from the site:

It's undeniably visually impressive, but like its predecessor, Independence Day: Resurgence lacks enough emotional heft to support its end-of-the-world narrative stakes.

I think it's time to say a couple things about that site, and its review of this movie is a great example to use.

Rotten Tomatoes needs to chill out

Sometimes, you really wonder if the folks over there actually go and watch the movie before writing the reviews. They got the "visually impressive" part dead-on, but expecting too much emotion heft from a movie about huge aliens?

that would be the queen's foot
that would be the queen's foot

That come in a ship that makes Earth look like a marble?

Sorry, bigger:

Come on now.

The worst part about that? It DID have emotional heft. People important to the main cast died. People important to the main cast almost died, and we breathed a sigh of relief when they didn't. Some heroes lost their lives trying to kill the queen alien, some died saving innocent people, and it was pretty emotional when we lost them. Sure, there was the corny parts, but every action movie needs those. Even if it does involve an extremely dorky white pilot guy trying to hook up with an extremely hot Asian pilot lady.

What it lacked in acting, it made up in nostalgia

A show of hands, please – who out there hasn't seen the original Independence Day a million times? I can't see your hands, but I'm willing to bet there aren't many pairs in the air.

When is Rotten Tomatoes going to get it through their thick, red, juicy pericarp?

just in case you don't know your maters
just in case you don't know your maters

Sometimes, movies don't need to be as emotional as The Notebook, as immortal as Gone With the Wind, and as sparkly as Twilight to be great. Independence Day: Resurgence is everything you want it to be: full of big bangs, great speeches, and dead aliens. LOTS of dead aliens.

Seriously, there are skulls of dead aliens everywhere in a couple scenes. It was awesome!

Do you go into a movie like Independence Day expecting to come running out crying, or collapsing to the ground and hugging it out with your brosephs? No way. You walk in wanting explosions, death, humans kicking ass, and happy endings. And even the happy endings really don't always matter, as long as you get to see alien guts. Rotten Tomatoes giving this movie a 33% rating accomplishes one thing. It makes guys like me expect less of the movie, only to get surprised and get way more out of it. But I almost went to a different movie. Why? All because of a percentage on a website.

Moral of the story

A lot of you are aware that sometimes, Rotten Tomatoes is full of balogna...but this line still can't be said enough: be careful what you read on the internet. Don't cast your vote for president based on what your basement-dwelling buddies on Facebook say about the candidates. Don't start weeping that your favorite celebrity just fell into a volcano and died, according to that one "news" site. And don't think the sequel to one of the best movies of your life is going to be bad just because a website named after a rancid piece of food says it is. Get out and go watch it; you might be surprised!


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