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Finally! Independence Day: Resurgence has surged into theaters! Unfortunately, the crappy reviews (here's what I think of those) and a disappointing $16.8 million dollar opening Friday are also surging in. It even has director Roland Emmerich blasting DC and Marvel for “ripping him off.”

But through all that bad news, there is some great news! The movie's full of moments that will take you back to 1996, lines that will make you laugh out loud, and speeches that will make you want to stand up and fight:

OK, that last one might be a bad idea, especially in a theater.

One scene in particular is toward the end of the movie. Without giving away too much, it involves a big-ass alien and a school bus.

Here's the alien:

Here's her foot:

And here's the bus getting chased by the big alien:

Be on the lookout for a couple scenes taken from behind the bus, and pay particularly close attention to the kid looking out the back window.

Does he seem familiar? Does he maybe look like this kid?

He only had a couple short scenes, but you can't miss it! Roland (either intentionally or unintentionally) gives a cool little shout-out to none other than Short Round from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Don't believe the internet! Go out and watch this awesome movie!

Until you do, here's the trailer to keep you warm at night:

What did you think of Independence Day: Resurgence?


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