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I'm going to ask you to cast aside all your doubts and all your nay-says, just a little while longer. I know it seems we've gotten to the point where it's all but a done deal on the Stoneheart storyline, it feels overwhelming to believe that this is one fan favorite arc in the books that will be undoubtedly and completely ignored. I've been there right alongside the rest of you, shaking my head and cursing the day Benioff and Weiss ever got their hands on George R.R. Martin's novels. For the sake of the evidence, dear sweet Catelyn and my sanity, just hear me out, one last time.

And obviously, before we continue:

Bran Had a Vision of Mother's Death

During the scene that broke all our hearts - Bran's escape/Hodor's death - we saw him being plagued with visions of the past. During this, a quick flash of Catelyn Stark's death is shown followed by Daenerys being reborn, Night King's obsession with zombie babies, and Ned Stark's beheading. According to Deadline, this is an exact formula for teasing a Stoneheart appearance: murder, rebirth, zombies, Stark vengeance. Sounds pretty convincing to me.

Lord Frey's Time Has Come

This season has had one hell of a Catelyn Stark praise montage. In Jaime's heated exchange with Edmure Tully, they barely spoke of anyone else. And where did Jaime head to immediately after returning Rivverun to this devious bastard? Right to his dining room table. If I recollect clearly enough, both of these men deserve to die horrible, horrible deaths. But I'll take Frey, for the sake of argument. I think we all know he's not long for this world and I highly doubt Jaime is going to be the one who delivers that fatal blow. It just wouldn't fit. Killing the notorious S.O.B in the exact place where he betrayed her and took her son, it's only fitting. And if she manages to take Jaime while she's at it. Well, I can certainly live with that. Why not at this point? It's not like he could help Cersei if was there.

Brienne and Pod Weren't Shown in the Preview

We know they'll pop up in the finale at some point, they can't just leave their story where they did. Brienne is way too central to the show and popular to the fans for that to happen. So, it begs the question, why weren't she or Pod shown in the preview for the season finale? Could it be because their scenes are so little yet so pivotal to whatever cliffhanger the show has in store? Is it because of who they meet in the woods outside Rivverun? A lot of very interesting questions with no answers...yet.

There's Too Much Evidence Against Her

In the words of Fox Mulder, "all the evidence to the contrary isn't entirely disuasive". And that's how I feel. I've read almost every piece online written about how Game Of Thrones screwed everyone over with their fan theories and fan favorite characters, how Stoneheart was never going to happen. I wrote an article about it myself. I admit - in a moment of weakness - I was ready to accept and believe, without restricion, that they had totally scrapped the plotline. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like the showrunners were trying too hard to make everyone believe it wasn't going to happen - without ever coming directly out and admitting it themselves.

So, will it happen? Maybe. Is it a surefire thing? No way. I'd say right about now, I've got it around a 50/50 chance. That may seem small, but its a helluva lot more than die-hard fans were expecting. I will make this promise to you, however, my fellow fans, if she does not in fact appear tonight, you can bet everything you've got that it really is NEVER going to happen.

Game Of Thrones airs its season 6 finale "The Winds of Winter" tonight on HBO. Check out the preview for the finale below.

So, do you think Stoneheart will appear tonight? Will she end up the season 6 cliffhanger? Or is it truly over? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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