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Soundtracks and themes have often laid the foundation for the success of a movie or a show. If a certain movie has an extraordinary soundtrack, half the job is done. Over the past decade, we have had some memorable soundtracks, most of which have been composed by either one of two of the greatest composers in Hollywood right now — Hans Zimmer and John Williams. You probably have a particular favourite soundtrack, that you kept humming for days after watching the movie. But have you ever wondered what an Indianised adaptation of these soundtracks would sound like? Probably not!

A young Indian composer Tushar Lall, the founder of The Indian Jam Project, along with his team of musicians, has managed to recreate some of the greatest soundtracks from the last decade by merging them with Indian classical tones. Apart from being the composer, Tushar is also the pianist/keyboardist of the team. He is joined by the likes of Samay Lalwani (Tabla, Percussions), Prasad Rahane (Sitar), Prarthamesh Salunke (Flute), Sri Sandeep Mishra (Sarangi), Abrar Ahmed (Santoor), Roger Mendonca (Violin) and others. Team Indian Jam Project is not just comprised of musicians. Amitesh and Tuhin Mukherjee take care of editing and direction of their videos.

The Indian Jam Project
The Indian Jam Project

Game of Thrones Theme

This was the first video of The Indian Jam Project. They recreated the epic Game of Thrones theme using keyboard, tabla and flute. The video was uploaded on YouTube back in September, 2014. The video received an overwhelming response. People kept requesting them for more such videos for other soundtracks and themes. And thus began their journey.

Original Composition By: Ramin Djawadi

BBC Sherlock Theme

Their second video came three months later. This time it was the Sherlock theme. Tushar Lall merged his own composition with the Sherlock theme using the same instruments that were used in the Game of Thrones theme. There was a visible visual upgradation and the reason behind it was the addition of Tuhin and Amitesh Mukherjee, who were on direction and editing duties.

Original Composition By: David Arnold and Michael Price

Pirates of the Caribbean Theme

The Indian Jam Project's version of Pirates of Caribbean theme is my personal favourite among all of their works. A friend of mine suggested The Indian Jam Project to me and this video was the first one that I saw. Immediately, I fell in love with their work. However, I'm not the only one who loves this video. The number of views on this video speak for itself. This is their most viewed video with over 1.2 million views.

Original Compostion By: Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt

Game of Thrones (Rains of Castamere)

People say that you should never forget your roots, no matter how much you succeed. The Indian Jam Project did return to its roots for their fourth video. Their first video was the Game of Thrones theme and they returned for yet another one from the soundtrack of Game of Thrones. This time it was Rains of Castamere.

Original Composition By: Ramin Djawadi

Interstellar Tribute

After the Rains of Castamere one, came a series of tributes for movies with brilliant soundtracks. The Interstellar tribute was the first one among them. The theme from Insterstellar is one of Hans Zimmer's finest composition and it deserves a tribute. The Indian Jam Project didn't dissapoint with their tribute.

Original Composition By: Hans Zimmer

Harry Potter Tribute

Don't worry, Potterheads. There's something for you too. One thing that was constant throughout the eight movies of the Harry Potter franchise was its mindblowing soundtrack. Thus, right after the Interstellar tibute, they decided to go ahead with a Harry Potter tribute.

Original Composition By: John Williams

Star Wars Tribute

John Williams may have been the composer of the Harry Potter series, but he's more popular for composing the soundtrack of the Star Wars franchise. No other soundtrack from any other movie have ever come close to that of Star Wars' soundtrack. From A New Hope to The Force Awakens, Williams' compositions have been extraordinary. The Star Wars tribute is probably the best one of their tributes. If you are a Star Wars fan, you just can't miss this one.

Original Composition By: John Williams

Inception Tribute

The Inception tribute is The Indian Jam Project's most recent work. They uploaded it just more than a week back on World Music Day. When I heard the Pirates of the Caribbean theme for the first time, I hadn't started writing for Moviepilot. But soon after they uploaded their Inception tribute, I knew wanted to write an article about them so that more people from across the world could admire their work.

Original Composition By: Hans Zimmer

We wish the talented guys from The Indian Jam Project all the very best for their future ventures. We are looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

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