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No matter how pathetic Arrow has become in recent times, it certainly has had its moments. CW's Arrow used to have great action sequences, a solid script (especially when it revolved around Slade Wilson) and plenty of colorful characters to play with. And while Arrow now greatly lacks the first two, it has still managed to bring new characters from the comic books to the TV Screen every season. And while they never could start up their own Justice League, Arrow's second spin-off Legends of Tomorrow has certainly opened great avenues with the introduction of the Justice Society of America.

By now most of you may have dug into what The Justice Society of America is, so I won't bore you with the details but will say that the FlArrowverse has done a good job of putting characters from the Society into the show for the past couple of years. One such character was Wildcat. Brought specifically for the purpose of training Black Canary, the character was introduced in Season 3 and despite having a rich comic book history was abandoned in pursuit of furthering the Olicity arc. Imagine if the time wasted on Felicity's love life had been given to provide Wildcat with a solid arc, how different things would have been.

J.R Ramirez as Wild Cat in Arrow
J.R Ramirez as Wild Cat in Arrow

The Wildcat in Arrow was pretty close to the comics (the show even mentioned his son's name) in terms of the guy's character and his skill as a boxer but he did not possess any magical ability like his comic persona who literally had nine lives as a result of a spell cast on him.


In the comics Ted Grant aka Wildcat was a world class boxer with ties to the crime world which spurred him to take on the purpose of Wild Cat to clear his name. He became a trainer of sort to Black Canary, Superman and Atom among others. Most of his adventures revolve around his service to JSA and despite no rumors of Wildcat's arrival on Legends, it wouldn't be too far fetched to envision him taking one of the seats on the Waverider given his caliber. Considering that he's involved with everyone from Superman to Hourman in the comics, his arrival on DC's Legends of Tomorrow would make sense, especially since both Hourman and Superman are set to make appearances in LoT and Supergirl respectively.

Wildcat may not be as well known as the Hawks or Superman but he's definitely worth developing more. J.R Ramirez's portrayal on Arrow too was pretty well done. So if Legends of Tomorrow really does want to make a full fledged Justice Society according to the comic books, they may very well revive this Arrow character.


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