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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 6, Episode 10 of Game Of Thrones. As expected, the season finale was amazing and I would not wish to ruin that for anyone, so if you've yet to watch the finale please return to the previous page — you're in the great game now!

It has been a season of revivals, trials and deaths, and the finale was no different, but now Game of Thrones has come to an end for another year but not without leaving us with so many questions. If you're quietly crying yourself to sleep at the mere thought of a year without Game of Thrones, don't worry you're not alone. But before the drama and the tears set in, allow me — for one final time this season — to take you back over the six most jaw-dropping moments from the season finale of Game of Thrones.

6. Lady Olenna's New Alignment

Olenna's not happy (Image Credit: HBO)
Olenna's not happy (Image Credit: HBO)

After losing her family in Cersei's revenge plot, Lady Olenna visits the ladies of Dorne. After scolding them for interrupting her and attempting to console her, she tells Ellaria that she wants revenge. Enter Lord Varys, who proceeds to tell Lady Olenna that what she truly wants is "fire and blood." We know where this is going — Olenna has no family left, so if she wants revenge she'll have to look elsewhere, namely Daenerys Targaryen.

Not only will Dany have the backing of House Tyrell, but she already has her sights set on the Iron Throne, so eliminating Cersei on behalf of Lady Olenna shouldn't be too difficult.

5. Tommen's Death

What has she done? (Image Credit: HBO)
What has she done? (Image Credit: HBO)

Poor Tommen, he just can't seem to catch a break. While it's obvious that he's not Joffrey, he's too naive to be King and apparently not at all suited to the world of Westeros.

Unable to emotionally handle the fallout from Cersei's attack, Tommen commits suicide by throwing himself out of the Red Keep. Unfortunately, Tommen was too nice for Westeros but he was also a little weak. He was unable to confront his mother over this matter and as a result of his suicide, his crazy mother now rules over the Seven Kingdoms. Seven Hells!

4. Arya's Revenge

A girl is Arya Stark (Image Credit: HBO)
A girl is Arya Stark (Image Credit: HBO)

It's a moment we've been waiting for since the Red Wedding, and in the season finale, Walder Frey finally got his comeuppance at the hands of Arya Stark. Frey appeared confused when looking at the young, pretty waitress. However, all was revealed when the waitress removed her face. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who let out a cheer when we discovered that it was Arya behind the mask.

Arya exacted revenge on behalf of all of the Starks that were slaughtered at the hands of Frey and his men. It may not undo the Red Wedding but it was darn good to watch him get what he deserved! What's next for Arya? Inevitably, she will return to Winterfell where she will find that the Starks are now back in control — who's to say that there can't be a happy ending for the Starks after all?

3. Jon Snow's Lineage Revealed

If Robert finds out (Image Credit: HBO)
If Robert finds out (Image Credit: HBO)

Jon Snow has often been the subject of fan discussion — mainly due to the ambiguities surrounding his parents. Many fans believed that Jon was not Ned Stark's bastard child and the season finale proved them accurate. As Bran induced another vision, he found himself back at the tower with his younger father — a place that we had been earlier in the season.

Ned raced to the top of the tower where he found his sister, Lyanna, covered in blood: She'd given birth. She begs Ned to take care of the child. As Ned picks up the beautiful baby boy, Lyanna pleads with him to not tell anyone about this. It is finally confirmed Jon Snow is Lyanna Stark's child.

2. Daenerys Sails for Westeros

Lets go! (Image Credit: HBO)
Lets go! (Image Credit: HBO)

It's a moment that we've been waiting for, and in the Season 6 finale we finally saw Daenerys set sail for Westeros. In a beautifully filmed sequence, Dany stands among her trusted advisors as the ships sail across the Narrow Sea and her beloved dragons circle above.

The Dothraki khalasar, the Unsullied, Viserion, Rhaegal, Drogon and of course Missandei, Tyrion and Varys are all by her side — Dany is ready. It may have taken six seasons, but Dany is now more powerful than ever, and with three ever-growing dragons by her side (not to mention Tyrion, whom she appointed Hand Of The Queen) she may end up taking what is hers! With Cersei's mad reign just beginning, Westeros could use Dany more than ever!

1. Cersei's Revenge — Margaery's Death

Shame! (Image Credit: HBO)
Shame! (Image Credit: HBO)

Words cannot describe how shocking this scene was. Cersei did promise that she wouldn't let the High Sparrow and the Faith get away with how they humiliated her, and in the season finale she exacted revenge by setting Wildfire alight under the Sept of Baelor, which blew the holy building to smithereens — killing Margaery and Loras in the process. While it was a little satisfying to watch the High Sparrow disappear among the Wildfire, the happiness was short-lived as the two Tyrells were also extinguished in the flames.

I genuinely thought that Margaery had more of a role to play in the grand scheme of Game of Thrones. Another fan theory was confirmed in this episode: Cersei has truly become the mad Queen. After Tommen's death, Cersei is pronounced Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm.

Somehow, I think Cersei's reign will be one of terror. Hurry up Dany, Westeros needs you!

And that incredible finale concludes a wonderful season of Game Of Thrones! Now, we must wait. It's going to be a rough ten months, but now that Dany is on her way to Westeros, the real game can begin!

What was your favorite moment from the season finale of Game Of Thrones? Tell me in the comment section below!


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