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Whether it is after scenes, after credits, or before opening titles - music truly makes a show. Giving unknown artists well-deserved recognition, using famous songs with relatable lyrics or writing iconic compositions adds to a fantastic film or series. It causes us to feel an entire range of emotion and we are instantly put in the palm of the Music Supervisor and Directors hands.

As a big fan of supernatural TV shows and movies, its tough not to think of great songs that could be featured in fan favorite shows. Here are nine of my favorite artists with lyrics that need to be in the next big supernatural TV show or film.

You can listen to each of their ten tracks at the bottom of the post too!

1. "What Went Down" — Foals

"I buried my heart in a hole in the ground"

I love this song! I could see it as music for a Stefan Salvatore scene in The Vampire Diaries, perhaps in earlier seasons where he loses all humanity and turns into The Ripper. Ruthless, reckless and without remorse, the lyric "I buried my guilt in a pit in the sand" says it all.

2. "Blue Veins" —The Raconteurs

"Must be the blood that's running through your blue veins"

THIS SONG. THIS BAND. I ADORE IT. Smooth and full of blues, this screams suave vampire with every breath. I'm thinking another season of True Blood for this one, considering its equally as moody as the theme tune "Bad Things." I may be biased as I have reached full on Fangirl with anything remotely related to Jack White, but I may go as far to say this is the best of the lot. He played his solo in this song until his hand bled, check it out below. That's dedication!

3. "Die By The Drop" — The Dead Weather

One more moment obsessing over Jack White, pretty please? This time he is with The Dead Weather — the moody vocals of Alison Mosshart, the bass and smouldering guitar riffs would mean one heck of a soundtrack. "Die by the Drop" is one of the many songs from their last three albums that could play out a good cliffhanger.

4. "Out of the Black" — Royal Blood

"I’ve got a gun for a mouth and a bullet with your name on it."

South Coast represent! Royal Blood are perfect for this playlist — they cover nearly all aspects of rock and the heavy riff in "Out of the Black" would be perfect to tie into a storyline about revenge or a feud.

5. "Ten Tonne Skeleton" — Royal Blood

Another one from Royal Blood, "Ten Tonne Skeleton" feels like it could be written for Peter Rumancek in Hemlock Grove, a werewolf that could quite literally "cut loose like an animal," as the lyrics reference. It talks of losing love (with connotations of death) which he has experienced quite a bit.

6. "The Pretender" — Foo Fighters

"What if I say I'm not like the others?"

I do not think I could have finished this list without including the Foo Fighters. "The Pretender" talks of being "another soul for sale," and the lyrics could suggest betrayal and finally realizing what the perpetrator has done. I'm earmarking this song for a brotherly feud in The Vampire Diaries.

7. "Howlin' For You" — The Black Keys

"It's true, baby I'm howlin' for you."

Howling wolves. I'll take that.

8. "Heart Of A Dog" — The Kills

'"m loyal, I've got the heart of a dog."

"Heart of a Dog" has got betrayed werewolf all over it. Foot stomping beats, catchy lyrics by Alison Mosshart and melodies stuffed full of guitar riffs mean it is perfect for this playlist. Let's think Klaus Mikaelson of The Originals about to lose all sense and conscience whilst destroying the streets of The French Quarter.

Side note - Can I be as cool as Alison when I grow up?

9. "Swan" — Willa

"I'm not the girl you want, I'm not the debutant."

I only heard this song recently but liked it as soon as I heard it. It is power in musical form. With strong female vocals and lyrics focused on being more than beauty, this is an anthem for the female renegades and rebellious woman. Your independent Bonnie Bennett or Katherine Pierce in The Vampire Diaries and mean girls like Madison Montgomery in American Horror Story could all use this song to make us love them or hate them.

10. "After Midnight" — Dorothy

"Nothing good comes after midnight, when you play the devil's game."

This song could definitely be a witch anthem — midnight, witching hour and "the devil's game" of witchcraft. Why hasn't this been used yet? The female vocal and pounding beat is almost a chant. It could easily be a theme tune for a new series similar to The Witches of East End or The Secret Circle with a strong female lead.

There are so many fantastic songs out there that deserve more recognition and the entertainment industry provides a platform for artists and music fans alike.

Check out my Supernatural Soundtracks playlist below! Which songs would you like to hear in your favorite supernatural shows? Let me know in the comments.

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