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"Sometimes great possibilities are right in front of us, and we don't see them because we choose not to" - Barry Allen
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Tv Show Sensation

For all those who don't know who Grant Gustin is, he is currently most popularly known for his role as Barry Allen in the CW's The Flash (since 2014).

Barry Allen is The Flash
Barry Allen is The Flash

And for all of those who definitely know who he is, and looked into his other shows (I'm talking to you, fangirls/fanboys), then you would know that Gustin's acting career has mainly been focused around acting in TV shows, not movies. Now, let's look into those for a second.

Grant's tv-show acting history consists of:

  • The Flash (since 2014)
  • Arrow (since 2012, where he still is The Flash a.k.a Barry Allen)
  • Glee (since 2009 - 2015)
  • 90210 (since 2008 - 2013)
  • He has had a role in CSI: Miami's Season 10, Episode 13: Terminal Velocity

And two other films:

  • A Mother's Nightmare (2012)
  • Affluenza (2014)

Now let's take a look at his most popular roles.

The Oh So Snarky Sebastian Smythe

Every book, movie, and tv show has to have that one character who is an absolute turd, extremely snarky, and the ultimate king/queen of sass. Well, that was Glee's Sebastian Smythe.

Sebastian Smythe from Glee
Sebastian Smythe from Glee

Any Gleeks here? If there are, I think we'd all have this mutual feeling of uttermost hatred towards this character because of everything he's done to hurt the New Directions. This include his floods of sassy remarks, plain rude comments, his vexatious ego, and especially, I mean especially the slushy attacks that he pulled off (my poor, poor Blaine). But, inside of us, there was a part that was fighting this loathing because of his luscious looks and his remarkable smile, which he naturally has. Damn you, you magnificent excuse for a villain.

And judging by his natural character, based off interviews and The Flash's incredible gag reel, its obvious that it truly was acting.

"Everyone has that side of them, at least, that's kind of snarky. And I can definitely, as myself, be sarcastic and witty. I'd like to think Sebastian's sarcasm is definitely meaner than mine. I don't know, its fun to slip into that skin and be something I'm not" - Grant Gustin on being Sebastian Smythe

Gustin had to portray this uber egotistic scoundrel, and he did that role so well in Glee. Now here's the funny part. After playing such a richly vulgar character, he is now one of the most adorable, loving, kind, awkward, humblest characters ever. Yes, I mean Barry Allen.

I Believe in You, Barry Allen

Watching The Flash, I find myself relating to the character that is the wondrous Barry Allen. Perhaps I am not an elite CSI, or have been hit by lightning and a particle accelerator at the same time, but I can be super awkward at times, and its nice to see someone who's like that, especially someone who's that attractive. In terms of social life, Barry isn't the most popular guy in town. He isn't the Oliver Queen of Central City. He's the Barry, the sweet guy that can be kind of quiet, and is secretly an undercover superhero (and a huge geek/nerd, which only makes him more attractive, in my opinion).

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen

I don't have to explain Barry's story, you all probably know it. In my opinion, the role of Barry Allen is much closer to that of Grant's personality. Of course this judgement is based off of interviews and gag reels. Yet I can't help but feel that I know this person.

So, Grant Gustin has had a pretty good run with his acting career in these tv shows. Specifically because Glee was and still is a huge success for acapella-ridden/musical tv shows. And The Flash is another large success based off Greg Berlanti's work, giving a salute to Arrow.

Thank you Mr. Berlanti!
Thank you Mr. Berlanti!

Now for the next step, movies.

What's in it for Gustin?

Regarding films, the one movie that has been announced that will certainly have Grant Gustin in it is a new indie film from director William H. Macy by the name of Krystal (set to go in 2017). Besides that, it looks like there haven't been any other announcements of movies with Gustin in it.

I know what you're thinking. Gustin is The Flash, and there's a Justice League film coming up in 2017. Guess what? He's not going to be in it.


See, this is where you can compare DC's Universe to the MCU. Observing the MCU, you would know that their tv shows and movies correlate to one another. Hence they are in the same universe together. Like, for example, Agent Coulson (the real hero in Avengers) is not only in Avengers (2012) but he is also in the tv show Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (since 2014).

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

Or even Agent Carter that continues on the story of agent Peggy Carter (a.k.a Cap's woman) and the witty Howard Stark.

Agent Carter
Agent Carter

But, things are different for the DC Universe.

This question regarding why Grant Gustin is not portraying The Flash in Justice League has certainly been going on everywhere, investigated by many other reporters and fellow fans. According to Cinema Blend's Jeff Mccobb, the universe wouldn't be correct. Based off the tone and overall vibe of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), one can tell that it is very dark and grotesque.

Seriously, it is.
Seriously, it is.

To the fans of The Flash, we all know that the tv show is basically the exact opposite of this concept. Barry Allen isn't dark at all, he's the very light of unicorns and rainbows (though he can have his days of hideous thunder and lightning).

"Cw's The Flash is light hearted and happy while DC's Universe is dark. Gustin's character would not fit with the tone. Which is why DC has a Multiverse" - Jeff Mccobb

I sort of agree with him, and I see what is being done. Plus it would be difficult to cast Grant Gustin as he plays the Flash in this film, because he would have to do the filming for Justice League, and still do the filming for The Flash tv show. But I truly believe that with Grant, you can have that one light hearted character that nearly everyone adores or is annoyed with. Sort of like Spiderman in Captain America: Civil War (2016). He can bring that aspect to the movie, though it may waver the idea of the DC Universe being dark, it'll add another layer and element to the movie itself.

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder

Justice League is set to be directed by Zack Snyder, who has done: Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Man of Steel (2013), Watchmen (2009), Dawn of the Dead (2004), 300 (2006), Sucker Punch (2011), and 300: Rise of an Empire (2014) and is set to direct Wonder Woman (2017) and Aquaman (2018). Based off this, you can tell that he's the director you get for big action movies, especially DC. Yet, he won't have Gustin.

"I just don’t think it was a good fit. I’m very strict with this universe and I just don’t see a version where...that (tone is) not our world" - Zack Snyder

Undeniably we're bummed about this. Turns out, us fans are not the only people who appear to be considerably upset about this change in actor. Arrow star Stephen Amell appears to have his bro's back when it comes to this topic. And trust me, he is not happy with this decision. When he was asked whether he should portray the Green Arrow in the upcoming film, he said:

"Yeah. Of course. And I feel like it should be Grant [Gustin] doing the movie" - Stephen Amell

But fear not, Amell has also stated that due to the Multiverse concept that the DC Universe has, any character can be changed regarding his/her actor, including his.

Now I bet you're wondering what Gustin has to say about this. Well, here it is:

Bless you Grant Gustin
Bless you Grant Gustin

Going on what Gustin has said, Ezra Miller who has starred in The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) is set to portray Barry Allen in the feature side of DC.

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller

So there it is. The reason why we won't have the gracious Grant Gustin as the Flash in the new Justice League film. I would have thought that by casting Gustin in that movie, his credentials as an actor would immediately rise, especially since they need to make a couple of those Justice League films, and it is said that the Flash is to have his own origin film as well.

So...Movie Hope?

Looks like we don't see too much movie hope for Grant Gustin, except for his part in Krystal. But hey, you never know if he'll get one. I mean, we are only halfway through the year. And something that the MCU and the DCU have in common is the fact that there are always surprises around the corner.

Wink wink
Wink wink


What Movies/Shows Do You Think Gustin Should Be In?


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