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Not too long ago, I posted my list of the best SNL sketches of Season 41, but I would be remiss if I did not add an addendum to that post, seeing as how SNL has gotten in the habit of regularly uploading several of its cut-for-time sketches. Here are the best of the bunch. (You may notice a pattern, one that is nearly pronounced enough to rename this list the Best Sketches of Kyle “Cut for Time” Mooney.)

5. Bieber Concert

Kyle Mooney continues his man-on-the-street interview series with some “Be-lie-vers.” His latest trick is gently convincing a girl to repeat over and over how long she has been waiting in line. Also: watch out! – Kyle has never been more in Full Heartbreaker Mode.

4. March Madness

Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney already their office workers confused about sports viewing party decorum in the Ronda Rousey episode, but somehow they did not make the cut a second time. (Maybe it is because they have different names in this edition?) This time, they pester Ariana Grande regarding the best viewing angle from her cabinets and how to scout a basketball team.

3. Not Scared

Kyle Mooney is desperate to look tough while on a Halloween first date with Vanessa Bayer, which is pretty difficult because he is spooked by just about everything, even his own socks. Putting on a brave face is mocked alongside overwrought declarations of soulmate discovery as the stakes become life-and-death and render everything even more absurd. This sketch also features Tracy Morgan delivering the line “You know the drill” while wielding a drill.

2. New Studio

Taran Killam has invested everything in his new home studio, and after he performs his song for his friends (he might have some musical talent, but not much sense of how a song actually works), they mask their doubts by going absurdly measured, and then over-the-top with their praise. Kenan Thompson relishes the chance to shout into a phone, Ariana Grande shows off her knack for pained expressions, Vanessa Bayer has fun with glasses, and Leslie Jones provides the punctuation.

1. Establishment Shuffle
With their party’s power shifting to insurgent candidates, GOP leaders like Paul Ryan, Clarence Thomas, and Lindsey Graham take inspiration from the 1985 Chicago Bears to re-convince voters that they are funky enough to get down with. Alas, their rhythm is just as questionable as that of Jim McMahon and company. (Unfortunately, the original video has been removed from the Internet. A bootleg version exists, but the quality is not great.)

Get to the comments if there were any other dress rehearsal cuts you loved this season, and be sure to check my ranking of the best quotes of the season!


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