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So you think you're a movie expert, huh?

Does your movie trivia knowledge trump everyone else's? Do you astound everyone at parties with your wisdom of all things Hollywood?

Well, you're about to see a list of stars who you know and love, who were also in movies you NEVER knew they were in!

Prepare yourself! You're about to have your...

1. Volleyball

Starred in – Top Gun & Castaway

One of the last true rubber method actors, Volley went so far as to have REAL human blood painted on him, to make his role as Wilson in Castaway realistic. Not forgetting his famous “WILSONNNNNNNN!!!!” death scene, he flexed his dramatic muscles in this verbal fight scene with Tom Hanks' character.

You want to talk about actors having different layers? Did this guy ever! Mostly rubber and cloth, but still. And he put up with some seriously sweaty dudes in Top Gun, taking quite the beating as well.

2. Baseball Bat

Starred in – Office Space & The Walking Dead

An example of what devotion really looks like, BB (as he's known in his inner circles) is willing to get wrapped in barbed wire and get covered in fake blood and goo, all to sell a scene. He's been taking a licking and never stopped ticking his whole life, beating not only humans and walkers, but also other fellow inanimate objects. Like the next one on our list!

3. Printer

Starred in – Office Space

Due to his being beaten to a pulp while performing his only notable role ever, The Printer in Office Space, Printer only had one starring role in his career. But, he comes from a long line of acting printers, so he's earned a spot on this list! You might have recognized his distant (and old) relative in Catch Me If You Can:

Witness the beginning and end of his career in Office Space (warning: it says 'clean version,' but it's still a little NSFW due to some failing at bleeping out naughty words). Coincidentally, he shares this scene with BB!

4. Sled

Starred in – Citizen Kane & Home Alone

Another example of an actor taking it to extremes for their roles, Sled's devotion to his job puts Jared Leto to shame. From heavy mods for his action role in Home Alone... going back to basics to play the dramatic role of Rosebud in Citizen Kane, even getting a couple tattoos for the role!

Truly remarkable.

5. Umbrella

Starred in – Singing in the Rain, Batman Returns, & Mary Poppins

This fine actress could do it all in her day. Um has made us dance and sing with Gene Kelly, for starters!

She took on a darker, more magical role in Mary Poppins a few years later. There were a lot of umbrella extras in this one, but Um really stood out!

Her final role would be almost three decades later in Batman Returns, as the Penguin's gunbrella.

It was a nice attempt at a return to acting, but nothing really happened after that. Word on the street is she hung it up after Batman Returns. Most likely in a hallway closet somewhere.

6. Plastic Bag

Starred in – American Beauty & Not Another Teen Movie

We'll end this ridiculously ridiculous list with the best inanimate performer to date. Plastic Bag has proven that just because you can't move yourself, doesn't mean you can't move moviegoers.

Remember Billy Bob in Varsity Blues? How Ron Lester (R.I.P.) also played the spoof of his character in Not Another Teen Movie, Reggie Ray?

This is totally the same thing! Except with a plastic bag.

Here he is floating around in American Beauty, showing us all just how artsy and symbolic he can be.

And to show that he has the ability to laugh at himself, to transcend the limits of the psyche Hollywood has projected on the spirit of the human...something, here he is spoofing his own performance, in Not Another Teen Movie!

I'd like to close this list with two very important words!

I'm sorry.


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