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[Spoiler alert for the Season finale of Game of Thrones. If you haven't watched it yet, go take care of that before reading this post.]

So "The Winds of Winter" has finally come out — no, not the book I'm afraid — but the Season finale of Game of Thrones and it, as usual, connected the dots beautifully. The episode also did a great job in giving us things to look forward to in the upcoming seasons — you can check the best moments of tonight in this post. We're here to talk about that much anticipated scene: the Tower of Joy flashback, which would shed some light on our beloved Jon Snow's parentage. Game of Thrones definitely delivered it, but (as always) with a twist.

Let's have a look at that scene, shall we?

Picking up exactly where he had paused before in a previous episode — with Lyanna Stark's screams — Bran follows his father into the Tower of Joy. Ned finds his sister covered in blood (not much like a "bed of blood" though) and they share a brief loving moment between brother and sister.

Then, she whispers something to Ned (that we were not privy to) and tells her brother Ned Stark:

And boom! A baby is brought to Ned, who looks deep into the child's eyes while his sister is demanding that he promise to protect it. Bran looks knowingly at all this, and the scene cuts to Winterfell, and straight into Jon Snow's eyes.

This is where things get even more interesting for those of us who like to pick apart the details. Jon looks as if he's waking up from a dream — or a vision — and takes a few seconds to regain himself and interact with the other people in the room. It's as if Jon shared that vision with Bran and, through him, found out the truth about his mother being Lyanna Stark and maybe realized that his father could only be Rhaegar Targaryen. The Starks all know the story, after all.

But Could This Even Be Possible?

Bran is the sole Stark warg of the show
Bran is the sole Stark warg of the show


Though we haven't seen Jon doing any warging of his own in the show, in George R.R. Martin's books he actually does it quite a lot. All the Stark children have the power to transfer their consciousnesses into other living beings, just like Bran did with Hodor and Summer in the show. As a matter of fact, just before Jon takes his last breath in A Dance with Dragons — the last book published to date — he actually calls out to his direwolf, Ghost. This has led many fans to contemplate the possibility that Jon might warg into Ghost to survive in the books.

Jon and Ghost back in Season 1
Jon and Ghost back in Season 1

In the show, only Bran has been warging for some time now. His warging has much more importance, since he's recently become the Three-Eyed Raven, but it would be absolutely possible for the other Starks to have the same power or even share a connection with Bran. After all, he did see Jon and other members of his family through the matrix, and those visions have proven to be both flashbacks as well as flashforwards of the events in the finale.

What Does It Matter If Jon Knows? Tell Everyone!

An underdog from the start
An underdog from the start

Well, in time it will be common knowledge, I suppose. For now, it'd be a huge deal for Jon if he did actually share that vision with Bran. To put it simply: Jon has never been a confident guy or the leader type, and throughout his life the bastard stigma followed him like a shadow. Jon Snow has always inspired other people to follow him (like he did in this episode yet again) but he isn't one to believe in himself.

The knowledge that he isn't a bastard after all would go great lengths to change that. Plus, the fact his mother's last words were out of love for him and that his uncle/father Ned Stark loved him enough to take his secret to the grave, might give Jon the necessary spark to ignite the Targaryen in him.

Last week's Battle of the Bastards
Last week's Battle of the Bastards

In the event that the editing was nothing but a treat for us fans, we can at least relax now that Bran's found out. No doubt he'll come around to sharing Jon's parentage news soon enough and the world will be better for it. Bran is going south to the Wall and he will probably cross it next season, so there'll be plenty of opportunities for him, as heir to Winterfell, to officially acknowledge Jon as a true Stark, further supporting Jon as King in the North.

Do you think that the editing signals to something more? Or do you think it's all just a coincidence? Take to the comments and let me know!


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