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Today is the official start of Shark Week on the Discovery channel. I cannot wait to learn more about these regal creatures of the sea, and how some people escaped their rows of sharp teeth and lived to tell the tale! We have quite the fascination when it comes to sharks. Maybe it has to do with Steven Spielberg's movie Jaws, from back in 1975, which made everyone go into a frenzy?

Even in Marvel comics, there's something about the raw power of sharks that tests even the greatest of our heroes. There is even a Marvel villain that was mutated to have the powers of a shark. In the Marvel world, he goes by the name of Tiger Shark. He's fought several Marvel heroes throughout his creation — but he is a topic for another day.

Tiger Shark [Marvel]
Tiger Shark [Marvel]

I want to talk about the times when some superheroes dove into the depths and went head to head with the killers of the deep. Here are five such instances where our super-powered heroes gave a shark a smackdown!

5. Hulk SMASH Shark!

In The Incredible Hulk Issue #2 in 2012, Dr. Doom has separated the Hulk and Dr. Banner. Banner is now trying to recreate the gamma ray experiment that created his Hulk form. He's pretty much trying everything under the sun. Even tossing some gamma rays at some sharks. The government is not to keen on all these experiments and they decide to send in the Hulk. That's how we got this amazing cover art on this issue. The Hulk runs into the sharks. Hulk smashes sharks. Puny, sharks. Not the greatest of stories, but anytime we get to see the Hulk wrestle a mutated shark is a pretty solid moment. Now, if the sharks only had lasers, and were ill-tempered...

4. Deadpool Gets Deep In The Deep

Here we have another not so great story, but an interesting shark battle. Well, it's a bit one-sided — and a little morbid. Deadpool is having a very introspective moment instead of his usual mouthing-off while shooting someone in the head. For some reason, he cuts part of his leg and attracts some sharks. He dives in, pulls out his gun and — WHAMMO — shoots the shark in the head. Then he proceeds to have a conversation about immortality with the shark carcass. It's not the action-packed story that we are used to seeing from Deadpool.

3. Misty Knight Sucker Punches A Shark

We can't leave the women out of this one. The guys can't have all the fun. I'm sure you've heard that Simone Missick has been chosen to play the role of Misty Knight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe television series Luke Cage, which will premiere on Netflix in September 2016. Wondering who Misty Knight is? She's a bionically enhanced black female detective with martial arts skills who appeared in Marvel comics in the early '70s. Misty Knight is usually found hanging out with Luke Cage and falling in love with Iron Fist. But here she is, giving an uppercut to a shark with her bionic arm.

Check out the first official trailer for Luke Cage below:

2. Wolverine Vs. Shark

If you ever have a chance to place on a bet on Wolverine fighting a shark, bet everything you have on Wolverine. There's no way those sharp teeth can even mess with his skeleton. Shark teeth against adamantium? No contest. I think what's amazing in this panel is that Wolverine has the strength to throw this shark on board a boat! I can barely keep myself afloat in a pool while holding a can of pop. It is nice that Wolverine is ready to make breakfast for everyone on the ship. His claws are perfect for making sushi.

1. Captain America Teaches A Shark About Patriotism

We are all used to seeing Captain America take down the Nazis and HYDRA. He even goes toe to toe with Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War. But did you know that Captain America knows how to jab a shark right in the kisser? Whether it's on land or in the sea, Captain America is always ready to show off what 'Murica is all about. The next time a shark sees that shield, it better think twice and swim in the opposite direction, or else Captain America will drop some good old-fashioned Nazi-busting moves on that sucker.

But Shark Week isn't just about exploring sharks as horrifying killers. Make sure to check out the nicer bunch of fish-chompers with the 5 Friendliest Sharks in TV and Movie History.

Did I miss any other great shark battles? Who do you think has the best fight? Who here is ready to sit down and watch some SHARK WEEK?


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