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The highly acclaimed movie that is The Godfather Part 1 can be interpreted morally in multiple ways. Some people would say it's a movie that advocates violence and trafficking. I would say otherwise, what I saw was a movie that taught you about taking care of your family and that even the most nastiest people in the crime industry have a heart and care about what is going on in the masses of our population.

He cares guys
He cares guys

Back in New York the Corleone family is approached by Sollozzo who wants to involve them in narcotics. Sollozzo was requesting Vito for his protection and finances, although Sonny and Tom supported this idea because of how much money that could have been easily made through this transaction, Vito ultimately denied it. Vito believed that narcotics and drugs has the capability to ruin many people’s lives while gambling and escorting only damages people’s lives. Sollozzo in disappointment sends a hit on Vito’s life and he gets shot at multiple times at a fruit market. Vito ends up surviving but is terribly hurt and near death.

An Attempt At Peace

Vito’s youngest son, Michael, who was a military hero and wanted nothing to do with the family business arranges a meeting with Sollozzo to negotiate a peace treaty, but what Michael planned on doing was assassinating him with a gun that was planted in the restroom for him, doing so Michael is forced to retreat to Italy.

Sonny who was then forced to run the family due to Vito’s bad health finds out that Connie his older sister was beaten by her husband. In a raging temper he drives off to approach her husband, when Sonny is stopped at a tollbooth he is approached by multiple gunmen who were hiding and he was shot to death in his car leaving Michael to take the throne.

Michael is approached by his sister to be the godfather of their son. During the baptism Michael sent out multiple hitmen to execute the heads of the other New York families leaving the Corleone family to be the most powerful family in the city. The movie then finishes off with Michael sitting at his office and conducting his usual business as the new head of the strongest mafia family in New York.

A Man Of Honor And Morality

What made The Godfather stick out from all other mafia movies was the character of Vito Corleone, he was a man of honor and morality. If Vito didn’t have any sense of morality then this whole story would have ended long ago when it began with Sollozzo approaching Vito about narcotics. Knowing full well of all the benefits that narcotics can potentially bring to the Corleone family, although all his comrades were telling him to take the offer Vito still denied Sollozzo. Why you might ask? Because Vito is a man who takes and gives back to his society. He states that gambling and prostitution does not ruin people’s lives, but narcotics has the potential to ruin and kill the lives of many. Money was obviously not the issue either because there was a line that was stated by Vito saying “Why do you come to me, why do I deserve this generosity.” Which insinuates that the million dollars would be no problem for a man like Vito to invest.

As I stated earlier in the essay some people would watch this movie and pay attention to all the wrong details and come to a conclusion that it advocates violence, murder and trafficking. But truthfully this movie is much more underneath all that. It shows the lengths that people are willing to go to protect their family as Michael did outside the hospital, or when Sonny went to go protect his sister from her husband. It shows that the Don of a large and powerful mafia family is willing to put his money and business aside and think about his morality for one second and deny the very dangerous narcotics business which is what put his very life in danger.


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