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Sure, sure, James is definitely the most famous Franco brother, but I think it's about time his little bro Dave got the recognition that he deserves for being an all round angel creature in both personality and appearance.

Below are 12 moments where Dave shone like the sizzling hot phoenix he is, but which one is your favorite?

12. When He Managed The Almost Impossible Feat Of Outshining James Franco In This Goofy Xmas Snap

Dave, Tom and James Franco
Dave, Tom and James Franco

Nice to see all of the Franco brother share a irrepressible sense of humor!

11. That Time That He Found The Bedroom

Those suggestive eyebrows are doing all kind of things to me.

10. That Time He Was Almost The Hottest Teacher In School

Yes sir!
Yes sir!

Before Dave Franco followed in his brother James's footsteps and started acting, the 31-year-old envisaged himself as taking on a career as a high school teacher, maybe specializing in creative writing.

9. When He Defined High School Relationship Goals

Dem eyes tho!
Dem eyes tho!

While most of us poor saps were left trying to make our high school boyfriends atl least acknowledge our existence in front of their friends, Dave was already so hard relationship goals. He said:

"When I was in high school, I was dating this girl and wanted to make her birthday really special. I showed up early to school and went around to every single one of her classes and left a rose with her teachers. Each rose had a note with a little inside joke."

8. When He Was The Crazy Cat Person Of Your Wildest Dreams

Dave Franco + cats = LOVE
Dave Franco + cats = LOVE

Yep, crazy cat dudes with a mobile phone full of adorable videos do exist and they also happen to look like Dave Franco. Be still my beating heart!

"I'm a cat person. I have two giant cats [Harry and Arturo] that I call the small panthers. They're like 17 pounds each-they're big boys! Every photo on my phone is of them doing something funny."

7. That Time He Spent His First Hollywood Pay Check On His Mom

Dave Franco and his mom
Dave Franco and his mom

Dave didn't spend his first Hollywood pay check on designer clothes or a fancy car, instead he splashed out so his mom could have a less embarrassingly colossal TV, he explain.

"I think my first big purchase was actually for my mom. She had one of those '90s TVs in her living room that's like a 10×10 brick, so I purchased her a flatscreen for her living room."

Too cute!

6. That Time He Was Smoulderingly Sexy And Bashful Within A Few Seconds Of Each Other And We Didn't Know What To Do With Ourselves

Is this the hottest Dave Franco GIF?
Is this the hottest Dave Franco GIF?

BRB, burning this GIF into my retinas forever!

5. This Confusingly Arousing Video

Seriously Dave, stop messing with our minds like this. I literally can't cope with lurching from loved up to upchuck at such velocity!

4. When He Totally Got That Acting Can Be Totally Ridiculous Sometimes

Admit it, we have all peeked into the high school drama room at some point and felt like we would die of shame if we had to join in with the outlandish activities. Don't worry, Dave Franco feels you. He explained:

“I audited this [acting] class and the people onstage were screaming and crying and hitting each other. I was like, fuck this! It was so intense. But I ended up sticking it out, and I really liked it.”

3. When He Was Some Sort Of Shy, Sensitive Movie Stereotype

Kissy kissy, Dave Franco!
Kissy kissy, Dave Franco!

As if the tale of personalized roses isn't enough, Dave Franco also made another girl's life (if I might speculate myself!) with the following story:

“One time I was hanging out with a girl and I wanted to kiss her. I was too nervous to do it, so I wrote ‘Can I kiss you?’ on a Post-It and handed it to her. And it worked!”

2. When He Was So Nice He Even Felt Bad About Playing Mean Parts

I'm not jealous of Dave Franco's cat...
I'm not jealous of Dave Franco's cat...

Dave Franco has played his fair share of mean jock roles thanks to his good looks, but he is so nice in real life that he wants you to know it's all a farce, he said:

“Recently I’ve been looking for something new. The past few projects I’ve worked on, I keep getting cast as the asshole. I promise I’m a nice guy and not the asshole that everyone keeps seeing. ”


1. Oh, And Of Course There's This Photoshoot


Do you think Dave Franco is the hottest Franco?

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