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We all have those friends who are constantly on Instagram. The ones who are instantly there with a like or a comment, and who have thousands of posts and the followers to boot. But what if the world of social media wasn't quite as innocent as it looked? What if beyond all the love hearts, hashtags and selfies there was something more sinister at play?

Is Instagram all beach snaps and selfies?
Is Instagram all beach snaps and selfies?

Producer and filmmaker Alex J. Mann has been investigating that thought in his newly released horror short film ME2. For the last few months Mann (and his LA-based production company, Space Oddity Films) has been unnerving us with technology-themed horror shorts which seem bound for TV or film adaptations, much like TV series Black Mirror or 2014 movie Unfriended.

Space Oddity Films specializes in producing "films that explore technology's impact on culture and how that relationship will shape our future," and is quickly becoming a standout in this new tech-horror genre. Earlier this year Mann tapped into the dark side of Snapchat in his terrifying short film, 3 Seconds as well as the photoshop-themed Cropped, and now it's Instagram's turn!

ME2 directed by directed by Alex J. Mann
ME2 directed by directed by Alex J. Mann

ME2 invites audiences into the selfie-obsessed world of an Instagram user played by Julia Kelly. The film follows as she scrolls through her perfectly-curated Instagram feed, and unhappily inspects her perfect body in the mirror. However, soon something strange starts happening when the formerly static images on her Instagram profile start to move. Intrigued? You should be, because Mann's Hitchcockian short film is a must-watch for any social media user.

Take a look at the short film below and see if you can make it all the way through without jumping or considering shutting down your Instagram account. After all, is the perfect photo really worth it?

Do you think there's a dark side to social media?

For more short films from Space Oddity, head over to their Facebook or YouTube pages.


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