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With Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall leaving at the end of Legends of Tomorrow Season 1, and Leonard Snart sacrificing his life for the team, the Legends are lacking a few team-mates as they go into Season 2. And that might be one of the most interesting things about the next season.

According to showrunner Phill Klemmer, Legends of Tomorrow was always intended to have a sort of rolling admission of regular cast members, with new heroes for each season. There are five new characters so far — Rex Tyler and Nate Heywood of the Justice League, two original characters, and Vixen, but not the one you know.

Vixen in the New 52 'Justice League of America'.
Vixen in the New 52 'Justice League of America'.

Mari McCabe, known as the superhero Vixen, already has her own animated show on the CW, and she's appeared in an episode of Arrow Season 4. But she's not the Vixen who will appear in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 — this Vixen is Mari's ancestor, but we don't yet know what era she hails from.

We do, however, know who's going to play her. Maisie Richardson-Seller, who appeared in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, will portray this version of the superhero. With a fascinating backstory and array of powers, Vixen's inclusion in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 has very interesting implications for the plot.

Blessed By A Trickster God

In both the CW shows and the comics, Vixen's powers are granted to her by the African trickster god Anansi. Thanks to her totem necklace, Vixen can channel the spirit of any animal, giving her the powers of flight, strength, and scent tracking, among many other abilities.

This added an interesting element to the DCTV universe, when it comes to how people can attain superpowers. With the exception of the magic introduced by Constantine, The Flash was the first DCTV show to really get the whole superpower thing going, thanks to the particle accelerator explosion that turned many people into metahumans. Vixen expanded the DCTV scope, adding in a mystic element to superpowers, and it's the role of the god Anansi that really has us interested.

Although it hasn't yet been delved into in depth by the animated show, Anansi plays a big role in Vixen's comic book story. As a trickster god, Anansi isn't always benevolent, and he likes to test the bearers of his totem. He can also warp reality to his whim, creating different versions of the world as he pleases, as in the New 52 Justice League of America comic run.

Upping The Stakes

Obviously, this could have huge implications for the DCTV universe. Aside from some brief allusions to Anansi in the animated show Vixen, the idea of gods hasn't been explored in depth yet, especially not in regards to how they can affect the entirety of the multiverse.

Anansi reshapes existence to test Vixen.
Anansi reshapes existence to test Vixen.

DC often uses their gods as the grand architects of catastrophes, so could Anansi be the villain for Legends of Tomorrow Season 2? The only thing we know about the villain so far is that they'll be something of a "slow reveal" mystery — as in The Flash, we won't know the true identity of the new Legends villain until close to the end of Season 2. As a trickster, Anansi could adopt the identity of anyone he chooses.

And with the incredible power of a god, Anansi certainly fits the villain profile that exec Marc Guggenheim gave to THR.

"Vandal Savage looks like a walk in the park compared to what the Legends will be facing [in Season 2]. This will be a much, much bigger threat... It’s going to be way bigger than what you can even imagine. I can guarantee it."
Anansi and Vixen in 'Justice League of America'.
Anansi and Vixen in 'Justice League of America'.

Even if he isn't the main antagonist, introducing Anansi would be really interesting for the show. Having dealt mainly in scifi ideas of time travel, with Vixen joining the cast the Legends could be ready to embark on a more supernatural adventure. Forget protecting the timeline, the Legends might have to protect all of reality itself!

Do you think Anansi is the villain of Legends of Tomorrow Season 2?

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