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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney
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Deadpool can't help but break the rules that Marvel instills in its superheroes. The Merc with the Mouth appears at the end of the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer for Japan, mimicking the after-credits scenes we are accustomed to seeing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and in 20th Century Fox's X-Men franchise.

The fact that Deadpool appears at the end of a trailer as opposed to in the movie is definitely a first. However, Wade Winston Wilson hinted that this will be a new norm for Fox. So now you'll have yet another reason to look forward to their trailers!

"I know what you're thinking...An after-credits scene for a trailer? I thought they only did that for movies, right? Well, not everyone makes it to the end of Fox movies, so now we're doing it at the end of trailers!"
X-Men Apocalypse Trailer/Fox
X-Men Apocalypse Trailer/Fox

In his cameo, Ryan Reynolds shares his two cents with a list of five things we may have missed in the X-men: Apocalypse trailer. He also takes advantage of his screen time to advertise his own movie's release in Japan. Oh, Deadpool, always needing to steal the spotlight and focus the attention on himself. He's lucky we have no choice but to love him.

Perhaps he was having regrets about cheating us out of a proper end-credit teaser in the Deadpool movie. That would explain feeling the need to compensate by hijacking someone else's end-credit scene — even if it was just in a trailer. Unless we're to expect any more surprise guest appearances, then Sayōnara Wade, see you in Deadpool 2!

What did you think of Deadpool's surprise appearance?

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