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(WARNING: The following contains giant, Wun Wun-sized plot SPOILERS for 'Game of Thrones' recent season finale — Season 6, Episode 10. Proceed with whatever level of caution your friendly neighborhood Three-Eyed Raven suggests is wise.)

Now, there was a lot to love about the recent finale of Game of Thrones' sixth season (especially if you're fond of horrible, vengeance-fueled murder), but that doesn't mean the episode didn't also bring a whole lot of cruel plot-teasing along with the brutal, brutal awesomeness. A convoluted timeline has been getting a lot of the attention, as have the episode's multiple bloody homicides, but for many fans, the cruelest aspect of the show's finale had a lot more to do with its imminent ten-month absence from our screens, and the several plot threads it has left teasingly unresolved. And, so...

Let's Look At Game Of Thrones Season 6's Lingering Plot Threads

After all, what else are we going to spend the next ten months wondering about?

First up, then?

5. Queen Cersei Has One Hell Of A Fight On Her Hands

And I don't even mean the one that's currently sailing across the Narrow Sea with a trio of dragons and one hell of a grudge. Instead, Queen Cersei of House Lannister is presumably going to have a seriously hard time surviving the Iron Throne with her only real allies seeming to be a mad scientist and his lab-made monster. Fear can be an effective tool for (repressive) governance, but it's tough to wield it if every god-fearing member of society hates you, you're widely seen as having killed your own son (which seems likely at this point), and you have fewer allies than the average peasant.

How that's going to pan out very much remains to be seen, but it seems likely to be a matter of debate for, oh, about ten months or so. Meanwhile...

4. We Don't Yet Know Where Daenerys Is Planning To Land

Now, sure, we know that Daenerys is (finally) heading to Westeros, and that she has both Tyrell and Martell ships in tow, but that doesn't actually tell us all that much about where she's planning on landing. Will she head to Dorne, and work her way up Westeros with time to negotiate with noble families? Head straight for King's Landing, and a surprise attack on the "Mad Queen"? Sail straight to the North, and make all of those Stark/Targaryen team-up dreams come true?

As of yet, we simply don't know (though Daario's suggestion that he sail to the west coast suggests that Daenerys will most likely be landing on the east side of Westeros), though if the books are any guide, there's a possibility she might just end up a little south of Stannis's old haunt of Storm's End (as the not-in-the-show Aegon Targaryen did).


3. Arya Doesn't Seem To Care What People Expect Her To Do

Now, after Arya reminded Jaqen H'ghar that she was indeed still a Stark a few weeks back, many fans began salivating over the prospect of a Stark family reunion, with Jon, Sansa, Bran and Arya all teaming up to take on all comers. Now, that could still very much happen — with Bran and Arya both getting closer to Winterfell, if nothing else — but it doesn't seem as though the deadliest Stark is in all that much of a hurry.

After all, Arya's assassination of Walder Frey was — while fist-pumpingly deserved — not really the sort of action you'd expect from a young woman desperately trying to return to her family. Arya, it seems, may well still be set to go her own way, but exactly what road that takes her down remains to be seen. Could we even see a reunion with The Hound, and the duo teaming up to take down Cersei and The Mountain? Here's hoping. Of course, there's also the fact that...

2. Melisandre Just Became One Hell Of A Wild Card

After years of aiding the nearest available "prince that was promised" in their goals, Melisandre has suddenly found herself an unwilling free agent, at the exact same time that he faith seems to be wavering a little. What's next for R'hllor's reddest of women very much remains to be seen, but some of the possibilities are tantalizing. A shock defection to the (increasingly R'hllor approved) Daenerys Stormborn? A special team-up episode with Thoros of Myr? An attempt to redeem herself for all that child-burning last season? A sneaky assassination or two of those who would get in Jon's way? Jorah Mormont-style resilience in the face of banishment?

However things play out, one thing's for sure: We haven't seen the last of Melisandre just yet. Speaking of not seeing people, though (and last up):

1. Two Fan-Favorites Are Currently Missing-In-Action

Specifically, Brienne of Tarth, and Sandor "The Hound" Clegane. When last we left the pair, they both seemed a little unclear as to what their next move should be (with Brienne sailing away from Riverrun, and The Hound debating whether or not to team up with the Brotherhood) — a lack of clarity that looks set to linger on for another ten months or so.

After all, we didn't get even a glimpse of the duo's movements in that there season finale, leaving us to wonder just what they're going to get up to. Will they both wind up awkwardly serving Jon and Sansa at Winterfell? Will Brienne finally find Arya and fulfill her vow? Could we still see Clegane-Bowl, a little ways down the line? Or, just maybe, could we see Season 7 open with a huge, long-awaited reveal of a certain "lady"? It all very much remains to be seen.

And let's not even get started on whatever the hell Jorah Mormont is currently getting up to...

What do you think, though?


Whose lingering plot thread are you most intrigued to see resolved in 'Game of Thrones' Season 7?


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