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Last month, Fox dropped the first teaser trailer for their new sci-fi thriller Morgan, which almost from the very first frame seemed to bear a strong resemblance to last year's genius, deeply unsettling A.I. chiller Ex Machina.

Written and directed by Luke Scott, son of Alien and The Martian director Ridley, Morgan seems to have a least a touch of those movies' DNA if the first, full-length trailer which dropped today is any indication. Check it out below.

Kate Mara takes the lead in Morgan as a "risk management consultant" sent to evaluate the titular lab-birthed human subject, whose modified DNA has made her into some kind of super-evolved, highly dangerous specimen.

Toby Jones plays the crazed scientist responsible for creating Morgan. If you've seen The First Avenger or Wayward Pines, you'll know that Jones pretty much exclusively plays creepy crazed scientists, so you know he's going to be on damn fine form here.

Although the trailer looks promising, and seems to have a definite horror vibe with plenty of jump scares and lots of people making stupid decisions, Morgan could go either way. Here's hoping it's the spiritual successor to Ex Machina we all deserve.

Jennifer Jason-Leigh (The Hateful Eight) and Rose Leslie ("You know nothing, Jon Snow!") round out the supporting cast. Hopefully Luke Scott has inherited the best of his father's talent — worst case scenario, this is Prometheus all over again.

Morgan will hit theaters September 2, 2016.

Is 'Morgan' The 'Ex Machina' Sequel We Deserve?


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