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In this article, I will be breaking down the popular, TV changing, Game of Thrones. For anybody who is a fan of the show (the majority of the population), you will already know that there are only a few shows that can match its flash CGI and amazing battle scenes.

Spoilers to follow.

So here’s a breakdown of the main reasons why GoT has conquered TV and risen our expectations of all TV shows going forward.

1. Immense CGI And Epic Fight Scenes

Few others have the budget or resources to match the CGI dragons or Battle of the Bastard’s fight scene that HBO has to make Season Six, Episode Nine – an episode that fans won’t soon forget. The Walking Dead is the only show in the same league, at the moment.

2. Intricate Plot Lines

The way that the plot unravels throughout the series is one that’s unique and unpredictable, if you had to try and explain what has happened in Game of Thrones to someone who had never watched it before, you could be there a while.

3. Multiple, Diverse Characters (Love/Hate)

The range and diversity of characters in our favourite TV show has us all in twists. So we have our clear heroes (Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen) and the bad guys we love to hate, (Ramsay Bolton, Joffrey Baratheon) but we also have our villains that become heroes (Sandor Clegane) and some characters we thought could be heroes, but collapsed under the pressure (Stannis Baratheon). And then there’s those who are somewhere confusingly in-between (Jaime Lannister, Little Finger).

4. Nobody’s Safe

This diverse set of characters, matched with George R.R. Martin’s "nobody’s safe" writing style meant that we were always in for some shocking deaths and betrayals. This is what keeps the show interesting because you really just don’t know what is going to happen to any of your favourite characters, unless of course you read the books.

5. Fan Theories

And finally (but not least) is all the hints and suggestions throughout the series that leads to the mass of fan theories about almost everything to do with the series. The biggest of which is Jon Snow’s heritage. Season Six however, has started to now release answers to some fan theories, for example we now know how White Walkers were created.

So there you have it! Let me know what your favourite thing about Game of Thrones is.


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