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Will we ever see a live-action Batman Beyond movie? Maybe, if folks continue to pump out incredible looking fan art and ideas topped with more whining. It might spark inspiration within a filmmaker or Warner Bros. (DC Comics) to stick their necks out and vouch for such a thing.

Terry McGinnis, our new and improved Batman, lives in a different age than Bruce Wayne. Gotham is more technologically advanced, something we can relate to in this day in age. With that, the crimes can become more intricate and confusing; it takes a bright, young mind who's grown up in that era to understand the complexities and push the efforts to try to halt them.

© tiguybou DeviantArt
© tiguybou DeviantArt

The Re-Envisioning

The thing that I love about the cape and cowl that Terry McGinnis dawns is that it's a completely different version of the iconic Dark Knight: It's not just Nightwing (Dick Greyson) taking over Bruce Wayne's old costume. Not to mention McGinnis is a much younger Batman (around 19-years-old) than Bruce was, so there's much more angst and passion that gives a deeper and somewhat contradictory spin on the vigilante. Terry McGinnis has a Spider-Man-like edge to him.

© wyv1 DeviantArt
© wyv1 DeviantArt

The Reason Why Warner Bros. Should Green-Light It?

Superheros are booming! They're all the rage today; however you can only showcase a superhero so many times on the silver screen before fans become bored. Same goes for villains — the Joker is even becoming watered-down and he's one of the biggest, most violent villains in the history of American literature.

Batman Beyond is a great creation and it would be a superb live-action piece that would spark excitement with (of course) adoring fans as well as unknown potentials who are fans of the original Bruce Wayne character and storyline. It would spark other new characters & story arcs from writers. We could still have Bruce Wayne in the flick as an old man giving advice to McGinnis (as he does in the series) and could also be a way to help the DCEU battle the MCU as far as movie diversity.

Suicide Squad is turning them in the right direction and we all know Batman is the big man on campus at Warner Bros. and DC. However superhero and cinema fans are becoming more intelligent by the minute and Bruce Wayne's story has been told a multitude of times. I think instead of another reboot we could massage the idea to resurrect a creation that seems somewhat buried.

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