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The third and final trailer for Justin Lin's Star Trek Beyond landed online earlier today and teases the action packed thrill ride which hits theaters on July 22nd. Check it out:

Whilst the song choice is certainly an odd one for a film such as Star Trek, I actually think it kind of works (much better than The Beastie Boys first trailer anyway). All round I think this is a fantastic trailer, we get a great look at some visually spectacular action set pieces in this concise, to the point and focused final trailer.

We see that Kirk (Chris Pine) is really questioning his role in Starfleet as he and his crew embark on this five year mission into deep space. He's not quite sure he's the right man to lead this crew, especially after the Enterprise is boarded and destroyed by mysterious and deadly aliens lead by the villainous Krall (Idris Elba). The crew land on a strange and unknown world where they must fight for survival and figure out a way off the planet.

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters on July 22nd.

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