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There have been many great and memorable brattish monarchs though out history, they had seen the rise of empires and the fall of kingdoms but very few remain as well known and famous and the formidable Henry VIII. But, whereby some kings may have become famous through their conquests, Henry VIII became most famous for his many wives (six in total) and each one's uncharacteristic end. So in celebration of his 525 birthday her are 10 of the most unforgettable portrayals of the famous Henry VIII.

1) Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Having been the star of the 2007 series, The Tudors, alongside Henry Cavill, Rhys Meyers probably is the handsomest actor to play the famous King. Having played the role of Henry from the character's coronation to his death, it's understandable how he had six wives, I mean, look at those eyes!

2) Rowan Atkinson

Just in case you didn't recognise the name, Atkinson is more famous for his portrayal of the legendary comical character, Mr Bean. Although Rowan's portrayal of Henry had nothing to do with Mr Bean (in fact he played the part for another popular series, Horrible Histories), he still brings out his inner comedian, even draped in a red wig and doublet, mix in Atkinson's sining voice and you have an amazing historical medely.

3) Damien Lewis

Best known for his role in Homeland, Lewis if one of the most recent additions to the list, having played the role of the monarch in the 2015 min-iseries Wolf Hall. Damien's portrayal is all the more amazing as he draws his inspiration for the role from past experiences from his own, personal life.

4) Eric Bana

Probably one of the most famous faces on this list, you might recognise him from his famous roles in The Time Traveler's Wife, Troy, Star Track and even Hulk (2003). Another memorable adaptation to add to his ever impressive resume, The Other Boleyn Girl, is quite a gem to add the Tudor royal crown. His role as Henry VIII alongside Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman (who play the Boleyn sisters) makes this a casting truly made in the stars.

5) Ray Winstone

Ray played the lead role of Henry Tudor in the creatively name film, Henry VIII back in 2003. Although this may not be the most popular Tudor movie but, alongside Helena Bonham Carter (who plays the notorious Anne Boleyn) they really do make it worth the watch.

6) Homer Simpson

The Simpsons have always been known for making some of the greatest parodies in history. Although lacking in the accuracy regarding the fates of Henry's last fours wives, Homer, in 4 minutes, menages to capture the popular idea shared amongst viewers about what used to go through Henry Tudor's mind almost half a millennia ago.

So there you have it! six of the greatest actors, both real and animated, to ever portray the famous Henry Tudor. Some may have been serious, others comical but each one is just as memorable in his own, unique way.


Who was the best Henry VIII?


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