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Preacher is a show that relies heavily on mystery to move its story forward. The show has given out very little information while remaining highly entertaining with how it approaches its vague storytelling. But there comes a point in which the novelty of being one of the most unique shows currently on television starts to wear thin as the vagueness it has relied on becomes its greatest weakness. And at this point, in which we’ve reached the half point of the first season, it feels like the show is wasting air time rather than telling the incredible story featured in its source material. So if Preacher is still relying on shocking its audience with how outlandish and crazy its world is, how long will the show be able to use it as a crutch before the audience decides to change the channel?

South Shall Rise Again continued the concept of Jesse strugging with his newly found power. Believing that he’s doing God’s work, he’s removing the concept of free will away from the people he’s “helping” in order to force them in to the desired result he wants. A vengeful mother is force to forgive Eugene, the person responsible for her daughter’s coma condition, against her will in order to give Eugene some peace. Jesse solves the issues of the town’s residents by force with his power, and bends them at his will to do whatever he wants them to. Believing that it’s God inside him blessing him with this power, Jesse receives a visit from the two angels after whats inside of him and learns the truth about what has possessed him. But aside from Jesse’s revelation of what’s inside of him, and our first look at how being forced to serve God has affected Odin, the story feels like it’s in the same place as it was when the pilot premiered.

Preacher suffers from staying in one place for too long both storywise, and physically. The comic is a story that relies on the characters going on a road trip together. And while the show has decided to remain in the small town for budget reasons, remaining complacent as the story has in the first half of the season is starting to wear its charm off. Long time Preacher fans are aware that this is just the footnotes of a far better story to come, and fans of the show that know very little about its source material are waiting for answers for the show to make sense. But regardless of where you’re coming from, comic reader or just a fan of the show, we can all agree that Preacher needs to get on with it already.

Preacher is dark and twisted. It’s also very confusing with where it’s headed. This type of writing would have worked well in a second season with storylines already fleshed out, but it’s starting to hurt its potential to keep it’s new audience that has no idea of what is going on. It comes off as a violent show about nothing with themes of religion within it. And that’s a shame considering that it has a lot to say despite beating around the bush to say it. Plus the relationship between Tulip and Cassidy, along with their sex scene, feels like the first betrayal of the comic characters the show has given us so far. It’s a little disappointing as to how their relationship is being handled for fans of the source material.

Preacher really needs to pick up the pace if it wants to keep it’s audience glued to the television. But regardless of its biggest flaw, it’s still one of the most unique shows on television both visually and storywise. But after five episodes of confusion and secrecy, it’s time for the show to start revealing more into the light.


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