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As one of our premier action stars, Jason Statham has gotten pretty good at killing dudes on the big screen. But in Mechanic: Resurrection, the sequel to 2011's The Mechanic, he wants to retire from killing. Of course, that doesn't happen — because when you're really good at something, how can you ever give it up?

Statham stars as Arthur Bishop, a retired assassin who specialized in making his kills look like accidents. But when an old nemesis forces him out of retirement, Bishop must use all of his skills to take down his enemies and live another day. The movie dropped its first trailer a couple days ago, but don't worry if you missed it, because we've gone in-depth on the trailer for Mechanic: Resurrection below.

Statham Swoops In

Jason Statham is the main draw of this movie, and thankfully the trailer doesn't waste any time showing off the goods.

Within the first few seconds we see Arthur Bishop swoop in on a helicopter, casing out a penthouse apartment presumably owned by someone he's going to punch/kill.

Be Careful in the Pool

That apartment we saw a minute ago? It's owned by some rich guy who needs to die and happens to have a pool that extends over the balcony. So, Bishop climbs up the building, cracks the pool's glass bottom and lets his victim plunge to an untimely death. This is super badass and completely ridiculous — exactly what we want from a Jason Statham action flick.

Beach Beatdown

Of course, the movie is more than just creative killing. There's also some standard Jason Statham beatdowns.

But why is he unloading on these dudes in the first place? Well, Bishop is contacted for a job that includes a series of standard "make it look like an accident" kills, but doesn't feel like doing them. He'd rather chill on the beach with his girlfriend Gina — Jessica Alba — which sounds way easier and is probably more fun. But when the bad guys kidnap Gina, Bishop is forced to take on the job.

Tommy Lee Jones is Very Stylish

One of Bishop's prime targets Max Adams — played by Tommy Lee Jones. All we know about the character is that he has an impeccable sense of style. We haven't seen Jones look this goofy since his turn as Two-Face in Batman Forever, and we're glad to see him back at it.

Arthur Bishop's Good With a Prison Shank

We don't know how Arthur Bishop got in this foreign prison, we don't know what happened to that other dude's hand, but we know Bishop's good with a prison shank. Don't try to fight him in the yard — you'll get your ass whooped for sure.

Everyone in This Movie Can Fight

Arthur Bishop clearly has good taste in women. While he might be out to save the love of his life, it's clear that Gina isn't just some damsel in distress. She has moves of her own, and we're hoping she can team up with Bishop to take down the bad guys in the film's climax.

Also, There Are Explosions

This is a Jason Statham action movie, and in case you forgot that the trailer ends with a perfectly timed boat explosion. We don't know how Bishop survives the explosion, but we're down to see what happens.

Mechanic: Resurrection looks to have everything we expect from a Jason Statham action movie. You've got martial arts, guns, explosions, outlandish characters and of course plenty of creative kills. Even better, you should be able to enjoy this one even if you missed The Mechanic. In other words, this is a must-watch for action fans.

Mechanic: Resurrection explodes into theaters on August 26. Do you plan on checking out the Jason Statham action-thriller? Let us know in the comments.


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