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Fans of the long-running anthology series are anxiously awaiting any kind of official announcement from the production team as the year shifts closer and closer to the fall. And while the showrunners have yet to divulge in the relentless requests of their wild audience, it appears some secrets may finally be slipping through their fingers and into the hands of the adoring public.

Lady Gaga stars in the FX horror series
Lady Gaga stars in the FX horror series

Sources claim the series has started filming in Los Angeles, somewhere set in either some sort of nursing home or hospital. Could this be an indication of what's to come from season six? Filming locations can hardly be designated as the very thing that spoils film secrets. but sometimes, they do shine a light on something that's been mostly left in the dark.

Creator Ryan Murphy has been more than his typical kind of secretive when it comes to this new season, even keeping the information from his own stars! AHS veterans Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, and Sarah Paulson have all claimed in the past that they have no idea what Murphy has come up with for them. This is highly unusual, if it's true, that is. It could be the cast is just being as tight lipped about the new season as their elusive showrunner.

It is widely believed that 20th Century FOX and Murphy planned to reveal the theme of season six back in June at the For Your Emmy Consideration event, but was canceled due to the mass shooting that occurred in Orlando, Florida the day before. The event was not rescheduled.

AHS 6 will reportedly revolve around children
AHS 6 will reportedly revolve around children

Murphy did tease fans months ago when he announced that the series would revolve around two themes, including one dedicated to a particular trope of children. Other teases have included a tease at AHS adapting Slenderman and even spiraling between two time periods, breaking tradition with its usual format of one season in the past, the next in the present.

Fans were suddenly stricken speechless on social media sites when American Horror Story updated their profile pictures to complete blackness. Fans thought it was either indication that some sort of announcement was forthcoming or a clue to what the new season would be about.

Three hours ago, AHS did update their profile and cover photo with a mysterious six in the shape of an upside down question mark. Take a look,

Whatever the case may be for Murphy and his team keeping the new season a secret, it hasn't slowed the anticipation or love of the fans as the eagerly await whatever announcement comes next.

American Horror Story season six will presumably debut this October on FX.

What do you think the new season will be about? Are there clues we're missing? If you've got any to share, post them in the comments section below!


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