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We usually associate Disney princesses with a specific time period, behavior and dress sense that makes each one of them easily recognizable, unique and iconic.

However, Greek artist, photographer and illustrator, Gregory Masouras, has given us an alternative look on what would happen to Disney princesses if they lived in our world and embraced high fashion. Make sure to check out his whole portfolio on his Instagram account!

New rules, indeed!

Piper Chapman, Alex Vause and the rest of the gang definitely have some worthy competition now!

It seems that Belle is not into 19th century fashion anymore!

Cosmopolitan just suddenly got more appealing!

Couple (and cinematic crossover) of the year?!

When being cold on your own simply isn't enough, so you need even more frost.

If you've thought about how a meeting between Cinderella and Pocahontas was going to go down, here is an idea...

...and at the Met Gala, nonetheless!

Aurora and Mulan just casually crashing the Dsquared2 spring/summer campaign!

On a different note, the guys seem impressed!

Elsa and Rapunzel — definitely not your conventional Met Gala meet-up!

A true display of majestic blond hair!

Tired of seeing the same faces on fashion magazine covers?! Don't worry, we got you covered!

Who said that Scottish princesses can't appear in Vogue?

No Disney princess article is complete without having Snow White on the red carpet!

I'm sure Alexandre Vauthier is feeling proud!

That's what happens when the Kardashians receive the Disney treatment!

Moreover, Aladdin as Kanye West — why not?

No Biggie, just Cinderella chilling with Karl Lagerfeld!

What about Prince Charming, though?

Ariel absolutely rocking a Marc Jacobs dress at the Grammys!

And you thought the event is only for musicians?!

Thank you for reading! Which Disney princess do you think will completely embrace modern high fashion? On the other hand, which Disney princess may instead opt out to be rebellious and stick with her own style?


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