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From the very beginning of the Hunger Games, it isn’t difficult to tell who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. Immediately we are told “In penance for their uprising, each district shall offer up a male and female between the ages of 12 and 18 at a public reaping… these tributes shall be delivered to the capital and then transferred to a public arena where they will fight to the death until a lone victor remains” More interesting, however, than who is bad and who is good, is how the movie wants to persuade its viewers who the viewer should see as good and bad, not just in the movie but, in real life.

The colors at the Capital are beautiful and sharp. The city is shown as clean and perfect with soaring buildings and glimmering waters. This in contrast to the bland blues and grays that is shown at district 12 clearly shows that the capital is the oppressor

The people of district 12 are living in shanties and have nothing. All the colors are gray and filthy.

The film is telling us that as a whole they do not matter. As they people of twelve walk up and down the streets the slip in the muddy mess. Fences surround district 12 to confine them. The director uses a shaky cam is another way that they show that the district is oppressed because the place looks rough. The action makes us feel uncomfortable.

When the “peacekeepers” are shown they are marching in a way similar to that of storm troopers. They clearly show a force that is there to subdue the people and keep them in check.

The uniforms they wear, give them a certain amount of enmity. They march down the street in a military fashion. The fact the the capital named their shoulders “peacekeepers” is an ironic title to mark more oppression. All this clearly tells us that the capital is the oppressor and thus the bad guy. Also, ‘The name Panem is derived from the Latin phrase “Panem et Circenses” (“Bread and Circuses”), used to describe a focus on superficial matters in politics and public life.”

After Katniss volunteers for tribute, also even at the beginning of the games. To make the point even more sharp as the people gather for the reaping they are walking through mud. A view that one would think was seen in a concentration camp. These districts are starving and to get more rations the children have to put their name in more often to get pulled in the reapings. There is really no color, but as soon as they get on they train even Katniss and Peeta get more color in there face and clothes.

As they are now part of the tradition they are starting to gain favor with the people. When the get to the capital the people are more bizarre in their apparel. What is going to be the tipping point?

Family Is Worth Sacrifice

When does Katniss start the Revolution? Is it when she crosses the fence that she is not allowed to? Is it when hunts to get food to keep her family fed? She starts the revolution when she Volunteers to take her sister’s place in the game. Right then she starts to build a fire in the district. Instead of applauding for her, as Effie wants the crowd to do, her district gives her a humble but effective salute to show their support. The kissing of the three fingers and holding them up in the air. Katniss shows that family is worth her sacrifice and keeping her sister alive is her only goal. As she steps forward she has no plan on being the winner but that action is the spark that catches the world on Fire.

Cenna her stylist helps her proceed to be the symbol of the revolution by literally lighting her on fire in the parade.

This shows that there have been others waiting for a symbol to stand behind. Cenna tells her that he is sorry that this has happened to her and did what he could to help her be rememberable. She continues to build her standing up by refusing to be ignored by the gamemakers by firing an arrow straight at them while they are having a party. In the arena she befriends Rue and takes care of her. When Rue was killed and she gave her such a touching farewell she ignited a fire to all watching. Then she refuse to kill Peeta and made it possible for there to be no victor she stood up to the capital and what they stood for.

The riot that starts in district 11 after Rues death would not have happened if there was not a catalyst. They had seen how many children's deaths throughout history up to 2 a year and it had not caused a revolt. What was it about Rue’s death that started the reaction? It was the power of one voice what tipped the balance.

A Game To Survive

The way that Katniss took care of Rue, sung to her has she passed. How she tucked her away with flowers. Or was it the same symbol that she gave to the camera, that was given to her? These actions that she did was so different because the only thing about the games was to survive. She showed that there is still humanity in all this chaos. From this action she starts a fire that burns through Panam and will engulf the capital. President Snow knows this and tries to have her taken down so that she does not give Panam what he calls “too much hope”

Forcing the children to kill each other and also forcing the districts to watch. Just shows more fully that the Capital is the oppressor in the film and that the districts need to revolt in order to survive.


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