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Holy septon, that was crazy! I might be a little late to the the party, but damn that was a fine episode. Like, I don't even care how Arya managed to killed those Freys and then served them to that old bag of dicks without anyone noticing. I watch videos on YouTube about Game of Thrones, and seriously -- none of the little things that don't add up, bother me at all.

Winter Is Here

It's about damn time we got a definitive answer on Jon Snow's parentage. After Cersei killed a lot of people and Tommen ended his life -- one must be happy that Dany's on her way to save the day, right?

Remember back in the first season? Cersei killed all of Robert's bastards. She did that because they all had a better claim to the throne than her children. So, does that mean that Jon Snow now has the rightful claim to the Iron Throne? Has a woman (besides Cersei) ever sat on the Iron Throne, or is this Dany just breaking the wheel?

I highly doubt that The White Walkers will break down The Wall with a little over a season to go, right? So, he's going to get piss -- because no one is listening to him about those blasted creatures beyond the wall. Dany will arrive and claim that she's the rightful king/queen/ruler of Westeros. Jon asks for help, Tyrion tells her she should listen to him, and then Jon hops onto one of her dragons! Wait, sorry, I was dreaming, my bad.

A War In King's Landing?

I'm guessing next year will encompass a war between King's Landing and Dany, right? What about The North? Jon will have to do something drastic if nobody pays attention about the real war. Will Jon try to stake his claim for the Iron Throne. The Wall isn't very far from Winterfell. Bran could easily send a raven to them and tell Jon that Lyanna and Rheagar are his parents. Now, I'm not sure how The North would react, but just let Sansa run it. Oh yeah, Jon should kill Littlefinger. Yeah.

And of course, Sansa will back Jon up. So, next year we'll see another war, because, hey, it's Game of Thrones. Dany will claim that Jon has no way to prove his lineage, therefore he's just a bastard. Until Jon rides Rheagal and proves he's a Targaryen! Then everyone will listen to him and then they start preparing for the war against the dead! Honestly, I don't think Jon cares about the Iron Throne, but he does want to protect people.

Now, I could be full of sh*t, and I probably am! Lastly, Tyrion is probably a Targaryen as well. There's a lot of evidence that backs that theory up. His mom, Joanna, tried to take some Moon Tea, and obviously it didn't work (why he's an imp) when Aerys took advantage of her on one of Tywin's trip to King's Landing. Who else would have a huge impact that could ride a dragon? I'm not sure, but you never know. Blast you, Game of Thrones, for making me wait another year to find out!