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Oh, yes...the scar. You know the scar! It's one of the many sure-fire signs that the hero of the movie has one bad-ass villain on their hands. And vice versa; villains know they need to bring their A-game if the good guy has that scar. Chances are, you're in for one hell of a fight if you go up against someone that has the eye scar, or a sweet accent, like Hans!

Or no nose, like this guy-

Here are nine characters from the big and small screen that have worn that scar with pride!

Scar – Lion King

Speaking of pride, the one-time king of Pride Rock has earned the top spot on our list, solely for scarring (heh) so many childhoods. And with that name, where else could you have the scar, except over your eye?

Kovu - Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

The son of Scar, Kovu goes from good, to bad, and back to good, and gets his scar somewhere in the middle of all that. Here's the scene where he earns it!

John Locke – Lost

“Don't tell me what I can't do!”

John apparently directed that line at not only the walkabout tour guy that said he couldn’t walk about because of his wheelchair, but also at his legs, because after that plane crash, by golly, he walked!

Want to see John with a fresh scar, and a fresh orange in his mouth?

King Leonidas – 300

At least Leonidas got a sweet souvenir after that huge ugly giant drooled on his face. Bleah.

Colonel Miles Quaritch – Avatar

Stephen Lang rocked the triple face scar, with the eye scar as a bonus!
Speaking of Stephen Lang...

Cable – Marvel comics

Because really, who else could possibly play Cable in Deadpool 2?

Tony Montana – Scarface

What, you think I would mention Tony without showing this clip?
Warning: NSFW and for kids is an understatement!

Everyone Jason Momoa plays

Most notably, at the moment anyway, is Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.

Looks like Aquaman might have a certain battle scar, as well!
Wanna know how he got that scar? Sorry, wrong movie.

Nick Fury – Avengers movies

How could we have a list about epic eye scars without Nicholas Joseph Fury?
Let's get up close and personal with Nick's battle wound:

Bonus scars

Eye scars in video games

Adam "Kane" Marcus
Adam "Kane" Marcus

Video game characters also sometimes get the eye scar. Check this site out for a lot of them!

Harvey Dent/Two-Face – The Dark Knight

Because some people just want eye scars that outdo everyone else's eye scar!

Did I miss any famous scarfaces? Let me know in the comments!


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