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Game of Thrones' Season 6 finale really closed with a BANG! Both figuratively and literally if you already know what happens. For those who aren't completely caught up on the latest season of Game of Thrones I suggest you minimize this article, go watch however far you are behind, then come on back and read. Beware, if you're sensitive about knowing any tiny plot details, here's your official SPOILER WARNING.

Alright, are all the spoiler snobs gone? Good, let's talk about that finale! After spinning her wheels for the past few seasons in Mereen, Daenerys is finally crossing the Narrow Sea to invade Westeros. ABOUT TIME! The one thing a lot of us weren't expecting was Tyrion giving Daenerys the advice to leave behind her servant with benefits Daario Naharis. Most fans I knew weren't exactly fond of the Daario character anyway. I've personally been a Jorah fan ever since the first season #TeamJorah. Also, the big news behind her choice to leave Daario behind was because Dany plans to marry someone in order to form new alliances.

During Season 6, we had the rise of a lot of female characters who were betrayed as victims in previous seasons — characters like Sansa, Cersei, or even Daenerys herself. This season should've been called Game of Thrones: Girl Power Edition. Look out, men in Westeros, the ladies you've been dismissing for years are coming to take over. Speaking of Cersei Lannister though, in one explosive plan with wildfire, she wiped out anyone who could have stood in her way. It'll be very intriguing what she plans to do to defend her rule against the Mother of Dragons. Who will Daenerys take out on her way to the throne?

The big question I have on my mind this off season (instead of a cliffhanger death like Jon Snow's last year) is who does Daenerys plan on marrying? Is it someone we've met already? Will it be an entirely new character? I'm going to not only bring up some serious contenders who I think can be her betrothed but also some of the remaining living Lords who are men in major houses.

Let's begin with some characters she has already met in this last season, or two that don't entirely seem out of left field, such as:

1. Yara Greyjoy

Shippers all over the internet have pointed out how Daenerys and Yara Greyjoy exchanged a ton of looks in the last couple episodes of Season 6. They both agreed that they had terrible fathers and that they hope to leave the world better than when they came into it. What was surprising is Yara and her Ironborn people have made their customs to include ravaging, reaving and raping. When Daenerys basically lays down the law to Yara about how they will not rape, Yara agrees.

Sure, this would mean after seasons of Dany only being with Khal Drogo or Daario Naharis that she would have to COMPLETELY change the Westeros way of looking at homosexuals. She was the Breaker of Chains. She'll now be the Breaker of the Norm and make it acceptable in her kingdom! We all remember in Season 1 when Dany rolled around a bit with Doreah — she likes to experiment.

2. Theon Greyjoy

What is dead may never die. Can't say the same about Theon's manhood. Yikes! too soon? Aw c'mon that was Season 3! Anyway, the reason I threw Theon on this list was because Daenerys will be the type of Queen that no matter who she marries, they won't have the actual power; She will. Who is someone that isn't a threat to her? Theon.

He's too damaged from his years of torture by Ramsay that he wouldn't want to stand up to Daenerys. Even if he did go back to his cocky (pun), arrogant, delusional self from Season 2, he couldn't have his way with her if he tried. He'll just be a husband strictly because Greyjoy is a name known around all of Westeros.

3. Tyrion Lannister

I know what you're thinking. In the Season 6 finale, Daenerys named Tyrion her Hand of the Queen. However, as we get further down this list, Westeros is REALLY running low on male lords in the famous houses. She seems to get along with Tyrion very well. Despite hating most of his family himself, he has the feared and perhaps most famous name in the land — Lannister.

Not to mention that Tyrion would respect her the way she deserves to be treated. He needs a rebound after the killer of a relationship with Shae. Get it? Killer? Because Tyrion killed Shae because she was banging his father? I smell like smoke because I'm on fire with zingers in this article people!

4. Jaime Lannister

Jaime may be a reach. Here's where we'll be getting to characters that Daenerys hasn't met quite yet. I really hope that plenty of characters who have been in Westeros the entire series will cross paths with her in Season 7. The show made a huge decision by having Tommen strip his uncle/father Jaime of his Kingsguard duties in order to be the heir to the Lannister name again. If you're part of the book community who thinks that Jaime will in fact kill Cersei next season, this gives him another reason to join his brother Tyrion and the Mother of Dragons.

What? Is Jaime going to lead the Lannister army against the Greyjoys, Dorthraki, Unsullied, Martells and Tyrells all by himself? I don't think so. Sure, you can bring up the point that Jaime actually killed Daenerys's father the Mad King, but it's safe to say Daenerys doesn't have any love or loss for that monster. The bigger question is, will Jaimie forgive Tyrion for murdering their father Tywin? It's fun to think about!

5. Jorah Mormont

One can only dream, guys! I know Daenerys looks at Jorah like he's in the deep, dark pits of Friend Zone territory, but who else could she trust to be more loyal to her? Jorah risked his life over and over to be able to serve her. He's still wandering Essos looking for a cure for his Greyscale, but maybe that cure is a ride on that dragon. Oh god, did you think I meant that in a sexual inuendo like that jerk Daario when he said he rode the dragon? No, I meant Drogon, you guys! That looks better than any roller coaster. Maybe a joyride will cheer him up so much his body will fight the Greyscale. You're welcome Weiss and Benioff; I just wrote Jorah's cure for you. #TeamJorah

6. Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish

You heard it in the Season 6 finale when Littlefinger was talking to Sansa in Winterfell — he wants to be sitting on the Iron Throne with Sansa at his side. If push came to shove, he's always looking out for himself and wouldn't care if he had to marry someone like Daenerys to get to the throne. In the Battle of the Bastards, Littlefinger showed that he has one of the largest armies in Westeros with the Knights of the Vale.

Remember, the Knights of the Vale and the Martells in Dorne were the two largest houses who never fought in The War of Five Kings during the first three seasons. He probably has more army left than the Lannisters in King's Landing. I could totally see him playing a late stage move like Tywin did during Robert's Rebellion. He'll show up like he's going to help Cersei, only to turn on her and sack the city to hand it over to Daenerys.

7. Bronn 8. Robin Arryn 9. Podrick Payne

OK, these three are complete jokes. When I mentioned there were a tiny amount of suitors left in Westros, I wasn't kidding. Let's just dive into crazy town for a moment and enjoy the insanity of Daenerys actually marrying any of these three.

Bronn — I mean both Jaime and Tyrion Lannister have been dragging this guy around for years promising him riches. He was promised a large castle with a great bride by Jaime. What better bride than the Mother of Dragons? I just want Tyrion and him to have a reunion!

Robin Aryyn OK obviously major "no" to this option. He's a young boy but Arryn is a famous name. I could see Littlefinger trying to arrange this so he could sneak in for power later. Can a dragon eat this little jerk already?

Podrick Payne — Oh, Podrick. This is mainly because he has magical sex powers. I mean three whores said he was so good that he didn't have to pay, so win for Daenerys?

10. Jon Snow

If you know the big R+L=J theories you know that Jon Snow may technically be Daenerys's nephew. If that is in fact true? Gross, but I guess it's not as bad as twincest. People think that this union is going to happen because the book series is called A Song of Ice and Fire. Obviously, everyone thinks the Ice refers to Jon Snow and Fire means Daenerys. It also could mean how we may have ice zombie White Walkers facing off against dragons.

Let's be honest, they would make a very attractive couple if they aren't related. They both have good values and seem like the most fit leaders to rule Westeros. Do you think this means Jon and Dany will band together to fight off the Long Night? Or will some twist happen that means they will clash with one another? Or, could they both rule Westeros divided between North and South?

Alright folks we made it. Do you think I'm totally off my rocker with these choices? Or is there someone I forgot to mention who could marry Dany? Please vote on who you want her to marry and comment below your thoughts!

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