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Warning: This article contains Spoilers for all of Game Of Thrones Season six.

Now that Game Of Thrones is over for another year, it is time for fans to reflect on the Season that was. So, welcome to the Game Of Thrones Awards, a celebration of the best Season Six had to offer. Here are our categories:

1. Best 'Worst Kept Secret'

And The Winner Is: The resurrection of Jon Snow

While nearly every fan was sure that this moment was coming, it was no less satisfying to see Jon's eyes open in the closing moments of Episode 2.

2. Best Rescue

And The Winner Is: Brienne Of Tarth, for saving Sansa Stark.

When Ramsay's men caught up with Sansa and Theon in Episode one, for a few horrible moments it seemed as though their great escape from Winterfell could all be for nothing. Enter Brienne Of Tarth, to slay the Bolton baddies with some help from loyal squire Pod.

After watching Brienne wait for a sign from Sansa for the majority of Season five, it was nice to see them finally unite.

3. Best Motivational Speaker

And The Winner Is: Ser Davos Seaworth

Davos acted as the great motivator multiple times this Season. In Episode two, he convinced Melisandre to try and bring back Jon Snow, and in Episode three, he comforts Jon and offers him advice after his resurrection.

"Good. Now Go Fail Again."- Ser Davos Seaworth.

4. Best Reunion

And The Winner Is: Jon Snow and Sansa Stark

Ever since the family was split up early in the show's First Season, fans have been waiting for a Stark reunion. After many teases and near misses, we finally got it in the fourth episode of this season. Many happy tears were shed as the long suffering Sansa Stark arrived at the wall to reunite with her half-brother, Jon Snow.

Honorable Mentions: Theon and Yara, Pod and Bronn.

5. Best Return

And The Winner Is: The Hound, Sandor Clegane.

Ever since Arya Stark left him for dead in the Season four finale, the Game Of Thrones fandom has been rife with speculation as to the true fate of The Hound.

In this Season's seventh episode, The Broken Man, we find out that that the youngest Clegane is in fact alive, once again proving fans' belief that if you did not see a character die, they are quite likely not dead. (We're not giving up on you, Syrio.)

Honorable Mention: Benjen Stark.

6. Best New Character

And The Winner is: Lady Lyanna Mormont

The young Lady of House Mormont stole every scene she appeared in, putting characters much older than her in their place with little more than a few scathing words.

7. Saddest Death

And The Winner Is: Hodor

Readers of the Song Of Ice And Fire books have waited nearly two decades for the story behind Hodor's name. When the truth was revealed, many fans' hearts were broken by the loss of this gentle giant.

Honorable Mentions: Rickon Stark (Damn it, Rickon, you should have zigzagged), and Wun Wun.

8. Most Satisfying Death

And The Winner Is: Ramsay Bolton.

For a while now, fans have been eagerly awaiting the death of Ramsay, who quickly became the show's most hated villain after Joffrey's death in Season four.

We finally got our wish at the conclusion of episode 9, when Sansa avenged her suffering at the Bastard's hands when she set his own starving Hounds on him. Moral of the story, always remember to feed your pets.

Honorable Mention: Walder Frey

9. Best 'Big Damn Heroes' Moment

*Big Damn Heroes: Someone arriving to save the day when all hope seems lost.

And The Winner is: Littlefinger and The Knights Of The Vale

Battle Of The Bastards would have had a very different, tragic ending if these guys had not arrived when they did.

10. The Idiot Ball Award

*Idiot Ball: A character who really should know better does something incredibly stupid.

And The Winner Is: The High Sparrow, for not listening to Queen Margaery.

Moral of the story, never underestimate Cersei. It will not end well.

Honorable Mention: Arya, when The Waif stabbed her.

11. Most Shocking Moment

And The Winner Is: Cersei blows up the Sept Of Baelor.

The score for this scene was absolutely chilling. It is also notable for killing a considerable number of major characters.

Honorable Mention: Tommen's suicide.

12. Most Heartwarming Moment

And The Winner Is: Daenerys names Tyrion Hand Of The Queen

These two seem to have truly bonded. A wonderful moment.

13. Best Reveal

And The Winner Is: The Origin Of Jon Snow.

After decades of speculation, the most beloved Game Of Thrones fan theory was confirmed. Jon Snow is not Ned's Bastard, but the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhargar Targaryen.

14. Best Episode

And The Winner is: Ep 10, The Winds Of Winter

This year's finale had too many great moments to list.

Bring on Season Seven!


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