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As with most Disney films, before the director and screenwriters agreed on the final plot, Zootopia had many different iterations. Initially Nick was the main character instead of Judy Hopps, and, as a deleted scene has revealed, there was also much dark side to the divide between predator and prey.

The scene shows Judy and Nick trying to escape a building, but instead stumbling on a ceremony known as a "taming party." At first the scene looks sweet and innocent — a father and his son celebrating him coming of age (a bear mitzvah?!) — but soon its dark side is revealed. Take a look for yourself:

Yikes! That's pretty bleak.

Of course, in the final version of the film the divide between predator and prey is something that forms the main conflict. However, this was due to the night howler serum undoing evolution's work after the predators had evolved to the point where they could live peacefully alongside animals they might have once eaten:

This deleted scene shows that the original idea was that predators had been inhumanely forced to wear shock collars to keep their instincts in check, which seems very grim. Not to mention that it conjures images of the Jewish people wearing a Star of David during the Nazi regime. Sure, Zootopia shone a light on sexism and racism, but even this seems too much, which is probably the reason it was scrapped from the final product.

Are you pleased Zootopia didn't go ahead with this path?

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