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(Warning: The following contains a concept art-based look at several Justice League costumes, as well as some brief discussion of the movie's costume-related plot. Proceed with whatever level of caution your faithful, Batwing-flying butler suggests to you is wise.)

Now, in the aftermath of a week of major Justice League movie reveals, including details of a recent set visit, a revealing interview with Ben Affleck and word on Superman's ultimate fate, you might be forgiven for thinking that Warner Bros. would be going easy on the major DC Extended Universe-related reveals for a little while. Thankfully, though, that doesn't seem to be the company's new style, since...

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice's Bonus Features Just Revealed Artwork Featuring The Full Justice League Roster

Justice League [Warner Bros.]
Justice League [Warner Bros.]

And, as you can see right above this sentence, it's probably the most inherently awesome thing you'll see on the interweb today. Which, considering that the DVD/Blu-ray/Digital Downloads from which it's drawn also come complete with two hours of behind the scenes special features, is actually pretty impressive.

What's more, it might just give us our best (official, publicly consumable) look yet at the costumes of two of the movie's most eagerly anticipated leads, Cyborg and the Flash.

How Does This New Image Compare To What Was Recently Revealed On The Justice League Set, Though?

Well, for the most part, it's actually pretty similar to what we saw on set a few weeks back.

Now, with the movie still a year and a half away from release, what we saw of Cyborg was largely limited to similarly early concept art to that shown in the image above. However, what we did see was perhaps a little more comic book-like than the newly released image, with Ray "Cyborg" Fisher's face a little more enveloped in CGI-ready coverings. It's perhaps worth expecting something a little more like a cross between the newly released image, and Cyborg's more traditional comic book look:

Cyborg [DC]
Cyborg [DC]

Meanwhile, the shiny new image does a good job of capturing several elements of the Flash's new look, including the fact that his suit is now much more modular (especially when compared to the TV-based Flash's more traditional look):

The most notable difference, though, between the new concept art and that which we saw on set (both in the costume department and on Ezra "The Flash" Miller himself)? The Flash's initial costume looks set to be a whole lot more beat up than the one you can see above — with it having been put together from whatever Barry Allen could get his hands on. It sounds like he may well receive a Bruce Wayne-provided upgrade during the course of the movie, though, which may well be what we're seeing artwork of up above (especially seeing as the image also features a currently deceased Superman).

The big question, now, though?

What do YOU think?


Does that newly release image of the Justice League have you excited for its November 2017 release?



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